Guys And Dolls
Habeas Corpus
Toad of Toad Hall
White Liars of Black Comedy
January    The Snow Queen

1981-1982 Season
September Last Of the Red Hot Lovers
October Saturday at the Crown
December Alice In Wonderland
January Whose Life Is It Anyway
April The Gazebo
June When We Are Married

1982-1983 Season
September Cabaret
October Blithe Spirit
December A Clean Kill
January The Others
April Abigail’s Party
June Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something

1983 - 1984 Season
September Post Horn Gallup
October The Diary of Anne Frank
December Puss In Boots
January The Ghost Train
April The Vigil
June The King And I

1984-1985 Season
September California Suite
December Mother Goose
January You Should See Us
April Outside Edge
June Fiddler On The Roof

1985-1986 Season
September Ferndale Avenue Macbeth
October Season’s Greetings
December Jack And The Beanstalk
January The Odd Couple
April Private Lives
June Oliver!

1986-1987 Season
September The Glass Menagerie
October Wild Goose Chase
December Cinderella
January The Rivals
April Key For Two
June The Sound of Music

1987-1988 Season
September And A Nightingale Sang
October Alphabetical Order
December Aladdin
January The Miracle Worker
April Mind Kill
June Carousel

1988-1989 Season
September The Haunted Through Lounge
October Death Trap
December Snow White
January The Dresser
April My Friend Miss Flint
June Hello Dolly

1989-1990 Season
September Bedroom Farce
October Pack of Lies
December Babes In The Wood
January Corpse
April Brigadoon
June Don’t Misunderstand Me