It was the NorthWest Region 6 awards for the National Operatic & Dramatic Association (NODA) on Saturday in Southport. We're delighted to say we won six awards and were nominated for many more!

CADOS Chairman Ian Robinson says "Almost all our productions in 2013 were nominated, and it's great for the casts and crews to be recognised for their hard work, which has gone down well with audiences and critics alike. When we're busy producing a new show roughly every four or six weeks we can easily forget what we've achieved, so events like this are welcome reminders."

Ian added "It's particularly great to see Hound of the Baskervilles win Best Play, as it was quite quirky, but all the nominations show the range and depth of what we put on. It's also great to see so many nominations for Chorley Youth Theatre as their productions are by people aged 11 to 19, with only a little help from adults, and shows what a great bunch of new talent we have at Chorley Little Theatre"

The awards cover everything staged by CADOS and Chorley Youth Theatre at Chorley Little Theatre in 2013, although sadly Charlottes Web and Kes didn't qualify because of a re-organisation at NODA. Chorley Little Theatre would like to thank NODA, and especially Region 6 representative Patricia Connor, for their support and for hosting a great event.

Hound of the Baskervilles director Mark Jones is next reunited with his award-winning leading man Dave Reid in Breaking The Code, the forthcoming CADOS play which opens on 24th February (on sale now)



Best Male Actor in a Leading Role Play

Dave Reid - Hound of the Baskervilles


Best Play

Hound of the Baskervilles


Best Staging

Hound of the Baskervilles


Outstanding Ensemble Cast - Musical

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change (Vicki Ciaputa, Michael Cosgrove, Samantha Hilton, Gaz Jenkins)


Most Entertaining Performance Youth Production

Jack McLoughlin - Back To The 80s


Best Staging - Youth Production

Back To The 80s




Best Supporting Female Actor in a Pantomime

Kim Brookfield - Queen Slytherina in Snow White

Siobhán Edge - The Mirror in Snow White


Best Male Actor in a Pantomime

Andy Burke - Dame Dolly Flagella in Snow White


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role Play

Siobhan Edge - Hound of the Baskervilles


Best Actor in a Supporting Role Male Play

Steven Catterall - Hound of the Baskervilles

Robert Walsh - Hound of the Baskervilles


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role Play

Sarah Burrill - Two


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role Play

Steve Unsworth - Two


Best Director Play

Mark Jones - Hound of the Baskervilles


Outstanding Ensemble Cast Play


Comfort And Joy


Best Staging

Comfort And Joy


Best Director Musical

Paul Carr - I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change


Best Musical

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change



Best Supporting Actor in a Female Role Youth Production

Crissie Day - Back To The 80s

Stacie Burrows - Back To The 80s


Best Supporting Actor in a Male Role Youth Production

Alex Townson - Back To The 80s


Best Leading Actor in a Female Role Youth Production

Vicky Campbell - Back To The 80s


Best Leading Actor in a Male Role Youth Production

Ciaran O'Brien - Back To The 80s


Choreographer Youth Production

Libby Burke - Back To The 80s


Best Director Youth Production

Hannah King - Back To The 80s


Best Musical Youth Production

Back To The 80s


We are sad to announce the death of former CADOS treasurer Audrey Shelton, who was aged 90 years old. Involved with CADOS from the early days, Audrey was treasurer for 50 years and without her tight control of the books, it's possible CADOS and Chorley Little Theatre wouldn't be around today.

The funeral takes place at Charnock Richard crematorium on Wednesday 18th December at Noon.

Our condolences to friends and family.

Audition Notice

The 39 Steps

Adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan from the film by Alfred Hitchcock

Directed by Sean Duxbury

Audition - 1st December at Chorley Little Theatre starting at 3pm

Production Dates - Monday 28 April 2014 - Saturday 3 May 2014

Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a rip-snorting whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre!  In The 39 Steps, a man with a boring life meets a woman with a thick accent who says she's a spy. When he takes her home, she is murdered. Soon, a mysterious organization called "The 39 Steps" is hot on the man's trail in a nationwide manhunt that climaxes in a death-defying finale! A riotous blend of virtuoso performances and wildly inventive stagecraft, The 39 Steps amounts to an unforgettable evening of pure pleasure! This multi-award winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 characters (to be played by a ridiculously talented cast of 4), an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers, and some good old-fashioned romance!

Richard Hannay: a dashing leading man (a la original star Robert Donat) entangled in the adventure of a lifetime, as he becomes a fugitive on the run to save his own life and foil the spy ring that is trying to silence him.

Annabella Schmidt/Margaret/Pamela: a versatile actress to play three roles a la a young leading lady from the black-and-white films of the 1930s; Annabella is a mysterious alluring German spy; Margaret is young, shy, sheltered, very pretty Scottish wife of an older country farmer; Pamela is our spunky, independent, and very beautiful young British heroine.

Clown 1 & Clown 2: two character males to share in playing some 150 other roles. What more can I say! Great roles that call for excellent comic timing - must be adept with multiple accents.

I have a number of scripts for anyone who wishes to audition but can also send scanned copies of the audition pieces. For anyone who has a script (or borrows one) the audition pieces are (pages quoted are from the Samuel French Acting edition):

Richard Hannah – Pgs 9-10 & 23-24

Annabella/Margaret/Pamela – Pgs 17-18 (Annabella), Pgs 46-47 (Margaret)

Clown 1 & 2 – Pgs 11-12 (Compere), Pgs 26-27 (Salesman 1) & Pgs 43-44 (Crofter)

I can be contacted on either – Mobile 07976 111209 or email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,


Our current Treasurer is leaving his role after several years as he's moving out of the area, which means we need someone to take on the job.

We're looking for someone who is good with numbers, experienced in paying and receiving invoices, able to organise floats for bar and box office on the shows and come to Committee meetings to stop the rest of the Committee spending money we don't have. The Treasurer also contributes to a financial report at the end-of-season AGM, which is compiled with the CADOS auditor.

This is a voluntary role but can take up a couple of hours of admin every week. Spice Time Credits can be earnt for the job. Of course, the Treasurer needs to be trustworthy!

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be in touch.

The next play from Chorley Youth Theatre has been announced as a stage version of Jacqueline Wilson's acclaimed novel "Bad Girls." It will be on at 7.30pm on Friday 17th January and 2.30pm and 7.30pm on Saturday 18th January.

The book, published in 2006, is set at a secondary school and tells the story of the unlikely friendship between two girls Mandy and Tanya.

Mandy is shy, and has been the victim of bullying, whereas Tanya is fun and outgoing. But Tanya has a hidden side, and soon the two girls could end up in a lot of trouble.

Suitable for ages 6 and above, the play tackles emotional issues and stories with wit and warmth and the book is considered one of the best by former Children's Laureate Wilson.

Tickets are £6 for adults, £4 for children, and a family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for £18

As with all Chorley Youth Theatre shows the production is produced, directed, staged by and stars people aged between 11 and 18 years old.


Click here for more details