We're delighted to have been nominated 40 times by NODA Region 6. The winners will be announced on 11th February, and we'll list them here.

Best Male Actor In A Supporting Role (Play) - David Reid (Billy Liar)
Most Entertaining Comedy Actor Male (Play) - Ryan Norse (The Railway Children)
Best Male Actor in a Lead Role (Play) - Bobby Walsh (Billy Liar), David Walker (Habeas Corpus)
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role (Play) - Diane Glover (Habeas Corpus)
Best Artistic Director (Play) - Mark Jones (Pals)
Best Ensemble Cast (Play) - Pals
Best Play - Pals
Best Youth in an Adult Production - Lucy Aspinall (The Railway Children), Scarlett Gorman (The Railway Children) & Adam Wilson (The Railway Children)
Best Ensemble Cast (Musical) - I Love You Because
Best Musical Director - Matthew Peter Clare (I Love You Because)
Best Artistic Director (Musical) - Paul Carr (I Love You Because)
Best Musical - I Love You Because
Best Staging/Technical - The Railway Children
Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role (Pantomime) - Amy Hardcastle (Ali-Ooop – Cleopatra)
Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role (Pantomime) - Ashley Hambrook (The Evil Asp – Cleopatra)
Best Comedy Duo Performance (Pantomime) - Scarlett Gorman & Ryan Norse (Carter & Carnarvon – Cleopatra)
Outstanding Performance as Pantomime Dame - Andy Burke (Neffy-Titty – Cleopatra)
Best Male Actor in a Lead Role (Pantomime) - Max Porter (Mark Anthony – Cleopatra)
Best Female Actor in a lead Role (Pantomime) - Rachel Offord (Cleo - Cleopatra)
Choreographer (Pantomime) - Kate Burke & Rebecca Dickinson (Cleopatra)
Director (Pantomime) - Paul Carr (Cleopatra)
Best Pantomime – Cleopatra
Award for Innovation in Writing or Adaption - Mark Jones (Pals), Ian Robinson (Hamish and Dougal) & Paul Carr (Cleopatra)
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role (Youth Play) - Charley Burke & Emma Heyes (The Light Burns Blue)
Best Male Actor in Supporting Role (Youth Musical) - Lucas Burns (13)
Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role (Youth Musical) - Eleanor Anderton (13)
Best Male Actor in a Lead Role (Youth Musical) - Jack Titherley (13)
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role (Youth Musical) - Holly Petts (13)
Best Choreographer (Youth) - Lucy McManus (13)
Best Musical Director (Youth) - Paul Carr (13)
Best Artistic Director (Youth) - Lucy Aspinall (The Light Burns Blue), Scarlett Gorman (13)
Best Production (Youth) - The Light Burns Blue, 13

Malcolm’s Musicland
Tuesday 20th: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 21st: 9am - 4pm
Thursday 22nd: 9am - 5pm
Friday 23rd: 9am - 5pm
Saturday 24th: 9am - 3.30pm
December 25th - 31st: CLOSED
January 1st - 2nd: CLOSED
Tuesday 3rd January: 10am - 5pm
Open as normal

Theatre Box Office:
7pm-7.30pm Wednesday 21st December
Noon - 2pm: Tuesday 27th December
7pm-7.30pm Wednesday 28th December
Noon - 2pm Saturday 31st December

Don't forget you can book online for all shows via www.ticketsource.co.uk/chorleytheatre where you can pick your seats. Booking fees apply.

Chorley Empire Community Cinema have had to cancel showings of Miss Saigon this weekend due to technical reasons.


We’re very disappointed to cancel but it was unavoidable.


We have invested in new equipment and technology to show the film, but the distributor Universal decided at the last minute that we didn’t meet their standards. We sent our set-up to them weeks ago but they only confirmed the cancellation on Thursday this week.


It’s very frustrating, as we have done tests and it would have looked brilliant. We know we can show it and they know we can show it – but they won’t let us.


Hopefully we can work on this for future events but we’re very sorry to let people down.


Ticket holders are advised to return to where they bought their tickets for a refund.  You can also show your ticket at any future Stage on Screen event to get the lowest-price ticket for that show.


If there’s demand, we can try and show Miss Saigon over the Christmas period however in the meantime it is showing at Cineworld Bolton, and will be available to buy on DVD from 24th October.


CADOS have also announced a change to their season, with The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) replacing the previously announced One Man, Two Guvnors. Tickets are still valid for the replacement show but refunds are available if requested.


It’s very rare we cancel shows but then this happens in the same week. We had to drop the original play for practical reasons, but hopefully people will be happy with the replacement, which is a very funny show


All other shows for Chorley Little Theatre should go ahead as planned, with new events being added all the time.


We’re in the process of changing our Box Office software which means you’ll be able to book your seats online. You’ll still also be able to purchase at Malcolms Musicland, and both these places will have a booking fee. As ever, if you pay at the theatre box office there’s no booking fee but it’s only open when a show is on.

We’re still transferring shows across to the new system, which means some shows such as Cleopatra The Pantomime and The Witches are not on (and may not be). All new events will be on the new system. Do let us know what you think of it, and apologies in advance for any hiccups!


Manfords Comedy Club return for another run in 2017 on the first Saturday of the Month (except March) from February. We’re going back to unallocated seating for these, and will be announcing the line-ups one week in advance - but guarantee you will always get 4 top comedians.

Saturday 4th February
Saturday 11th March
Saturday 1st April
Saturday 6th May
Saturday 3rd June
Saturday 1st July

Saturday 18th March - 7.30pm
A stand-out show from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe comes to Chorley Little Theatre

Wednesday 17th May - 8pm
Silly satire with the host of the international hit podcast The Bugle

Thursday 25th May - 8pm
New show about modern life from the Mock The Week regular.


Sunday 8th January - 7.30pm
Ken Loach’s powerful film about modern Britain

More great stage productions beamed to our cinema screens (shown live when possible)

AMADEUS - Thursday 2nd February (LIVE)
SAINT JOAN - Thursday 16th February (LIVE)
HEDDA GABLER - Thursday 9th March (LIVE)
TWELFTH NIGHT - Sunday 16th April (Delayed)

JULIUS CAESAR - Sunday 7th May (Delayed)
ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA - Wednesday 24th May (LIVE)
TITUS ANDRONICUS - Sunday 3rd September (Delayed)

Chorley Live

Some people have asked why we’re not taking part in Chorley Live this year so here’s the definite all-purpose answer.

Chorley Live is organised by Chorley Council and Nigel Stewart of The Creative Network and is a fantastic event that takes place right across the Town Centre. We’ve been involved since the start and for the past 4 years have had dozens of acts on our stage and thousands of people through the door. But it’s hard work and we’re all volunteers so this year just fancied some time off.

For every other week of the year we programme what’s on at Chorley Little Theatre ourselves and try to have events that we know we can cope with and can easily stage around all our activities. This year we must get our October play The Railway Children ready, and it’s a big production. We can slot in some comedians and film screenings throughout October but 2 days of bands is harder work, takes up many hours, and just not possible with the set we have to build.

On top of this the volunteers who’ve run the Chorley Live nights for the last 4 years would quite like to go out and experience it themselves.

Hopefully if Chorley Live is back next year we can take part then but we could do with more people to volunteer on bar, and help set build. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the meantime, we wish all the best to everyone taking part in Chorley Live 2016 and will maybe see you out and about that weekend.