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When you pop down to the theatre next week to see Oliver Twist, you may see more scaffolding on the building - but don't worry, everything's running as normal inside. This is just more work to improve the behind-the-scenes areas.

During the rebuilding work which started in March 2009 we created several new rooms and have filled all available space but the unexpected consequence was finding even more leaks and cracks we didn't know we had. So they're all being fixed, and at the moment we're mending the roof above the wardrobe area.

Hopefully by the AGM we'll be able to open up and show people all the work that's been done. But, for now, it's business as usual!

You may have read about our ceiling woes on Twitter or in the latest Chorley Guardian.

Just to let you know, we're still completely open and operating normally. It's just really annoying. To explain: when we did all the roof work over the last 2 years, we discovered corners of the back of the building that were still letting in water, and have been steadily trying to sort them out. We're using the waterproof rubber from Neville's Island's lake to lay a new roof at the back of the building, and thought it would be done by now...

...unfortunately there's been a lot of storms lately and water has found it's way in. Eventually the ceiling in the storage area collapsed under the weight and we were left with a big mess to tidy up. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we've tidied up and everything was fine for Rob Rouse's show on Saturday 21st.

We're now bringing forward plans for the area, which will eventually involve us creating new much-needed female toilet space. But it's all costing money, so please come to our shows to help us pay for it!

We're hoping the renovation work will be ready to view at the CADOS AGM on Friday 22nd July.

She's worked with Graham Norton and appeared on Mock The Week, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, and several series of her own show on Radio 4. Ahead of her show here in Chorley on 24th September, Jo Caulfield answers some questions...

How are you feeling about doing your first visit to Chorley Little Theatre?

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve never been to Chorley before and Rob Rouse told me it was a great venue with a great audience. Then again he told me the World was going to end last month. That was the main idea behind this tour – I wanted to go to smaller towns and unusual venues I’ve never been to before – so I’ll be heading to Findhorn (!), Falkirk, Berwick upon Tweed and Cockermouth among others.

I like turning up in strange towns early in the afternoon and walking round the town centre looking for unusual things to point out to the audience.

Do you prefer stand up to say your radio show?

Live Stand-Up wins every time. There’s a lot of constraints on radio: certain subject matter has to be avoided, certain words can’t be used – but at a live show, everything goes!

And I still love the Art of StandUp itself. Even though it’s a very simplistic thing, one person with a microphone, it continues to provide unique and interesting challenges all the time. Every show gives me room to explore and experiment with ways to perform your thoughts. And I love involving the audience – it makes every show different.

Who makes you laugh at the moment?

So many different comedians. I did a show with Michael McIntyre and Rhod Gilbert last week and they both had me in stitches. Ed Byrne is always funny. Marian Pashley and Kitty Flanagan are two very funny ladies from Hull and Australia.

What was the last show/gig you went to see?

Electric Tales: it was a storytelling evening at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh. It was interesting to see a mixture of comedians and storytellers on the same bill. The comedians got the biggest laughs and the storytellers told the best stories, funnily enough.

What do you prefer, very small intimate venues or bigger places?

I like them both. There’s nothing better than a huge roar of laughter in a big venue but smaller venues are where the more interesting things happen. Smaller venues are where I can have more interplay with the audience.

If you were a theatrical character who would you be?

Not sure but I am thinking of calling my autobiography ‘Modest Superstar’ and in the film Megan Fox can play me.... if she visits a beauty clinic first.

What’s next in the pipeline?

It’s a busy couple of months. I’m doing some guest spots on The Apprentice: You’re Fired and filming some stuff for This Week with Andrew Neil. Recording a new Radio 4 comedy show sometime this month, and I’m recording a comedy CD in July, After that I’ve got shows lined up in Amsterdam and Mumbai – and I’m talking to a couple of festivals in America. Fingers crossed.

And hunting for a flat! I recently moved to Edinburgh, so all my free time is spent looking at flats.

SATURDAY 24th SEPTEMBER, 8pm. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions)

To book for Jo's show, call Malcolm's Musicland 01257 264362 or click here: We Got TicketsSee TicketsTicketweb


It may be Friday 13th but it's far from disastrous here as we've added loads of new shows. Get 'em while they're hot!

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Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation (Warm Up)

Thursday 29th September - 8pm

The star of "Genius" and "Are You Dave Gorman" with a warm-up for his brand-new tour. Dave forms a double act with Powerpoint! All tickets £15 - selling fast!

Tom Stade

Friday 25th November - 8pm

From Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, this exciting Canadian lets you into his inimitable, offbeat world. Strictly over-16s only. Tickets £13.50 (£11.50 concessions)

Jo Caulfield

Saturday 24th September - 8pm










As seen on this week's The Apprentice You're Fired, Jo's celebration of anger includes stories of terrorists, dating, drunken friends, and the self-service tills at Tesco. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions)

Paul Zerdin: Spongefest 2011

Wednesday 5th October - 7.30pm

The UK's top ventriloquist (appeared on The Royal Variety Show in 2009) with a family-friendly show featuring all his hilarious felt friends. Tickets £15 (£12 concessions)

Wolfman Investigations: Curse of the Terror Tomb

Thursday 27th October - 7.30pm

Wolfie and the gang return by popular demand for their latest exciting adventure for the whole family! All tickets £5







Keep checking back for more shows, and don't forget Oliver Twist in June!