The Edinburgh Festival Fringe starts properly today. The biggest arts event in the world, it's a great showcase of the best and brightest talents in the world. But there's no need to go to Scotland, as we're bringing the highlights here to Chorley Little Theatre. With Richard Herring's new show going on sale today, here's the (current) list of Edinburgh shows you can see right here over the next few months. We hope to add more, so keep checking!

Dave Gorman - Thursday 29th September
He sold out ages ago (sorry) but Dave takes his Powerpoint Presentation to the Fringe before coming here in September.
Craig Campbell - Wednesday 26th October
This shouty Canadian is taking a break from his 120-date tour to do three weeks at The Stand in Edinburgh, on the back of hugely successful appearances on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and Dave's One Night Stand. Strictly adults only!
Wolfman Investigations - Thursday 27th October

They're making their Fringe debut this year, but this "live-action cartoon" has already thrilled families four times here in Chorley. A panto-style adventure suitable for all ages, their creators After Dark Theatre are on the way to becoming big names. Remember where you saw them first!

All tickets just £5

Joe Wilkinson - Thursday 10th November
He's been at the Edinburgh Fringe for years, as half of acclaimed duo Two Episodes of MASH, but is doing a solo show after appearances on Russell Howard's Good News and Have I Got News For You. With a unique outlook on life, this is a stand-up star of the future.
Alun Cochrane - Thursday 17th November
Making his 7th Fringe appearance in 6 years, Alun has also just joined Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio and has recently appeared on Have I Got News For You and Just A Minute. He's a no-nonsense comedian who specialises in funny nonsense - taking everyday observations into flights of fancy.
ComedySportz - Saturday 19th November

They began in Chorley 10 years ago and have gone onto conquer the world. Originally a spin-off from Chorley Youth Theatre, they're now the resident improvisation group at Manchester's Comedy Store and have appeared all over the UK and America. They're doing free shows in Edinburgh for just one week, and bring their family-friendly impro back to Chorley for one night only in November.

All tickets just £5

Tom Stade - Friday 25th November
This Canadian has taken the comedy world by storm over the last two years, and is appearing at The Pleasance in Edinburgh before carrying on his mammoth UK tour. As seen on Frankie Boyle's TV show, Tom is proving very popular and tickets are selling fast.
Richard Herring - Friday 9th March 2012
It's his 21st Fringe, but only his third visit to Chorley - where he will no doubt visit "Parmesan & Petulant" (now immortalised on his DVD). This year's show is all about Love, and we -aptly- love having him here, where he's gone down a storm with his shows about Hitler and Jesus. He's moved up to a bigger venue, The Cow Barn, for this year's Fringe.
Russell Kane - Saturday 21st March 2012
Russell won the Fosters Comedy Award (formerly the Perrier) in Edinburgh last year and is one of the biggest venues with his new show Manscaping. His career has taken off since last year's Fringe - his version of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" came second in Lets Dance For Comic Relief, and he's now got his own show on BBC Radio 2 (which also features The Upbeat Beatles)
Chris Ramsey - supporting Russell Kane
Chorley Little Theatre audiences have already had a sneak preview of Chris's show when he came here in June, and now they can see the rest when he supports Russell next year. This upcoming comedian has appeared on 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Comedy Rocks but reckons Chorley might have been his best gig all year. He's also at The Pleasance in Edinburgh.


You may have read in the press this week about vandalism to the theatre front. 2 window panes were smashed on Sunday night, and have now been replaced with extra-strength safety glass.

This is now the 4th time this has happened this year, and is very annoying after all the time and effort we've put in to make the building look good. Every time it happens, it costs us £200 to replace and it all adds up. We only exist on ticket sales, there's no council or Lottery funding to back us up, so anything that knocks us back or damages our ability to cover costs is very frustrating.

If anyone has any info on the vandalism please let us know.

Some quick questions and answers from the stand-up comedian, who comes here on Saturday 1st October - tickets on sale now!

How are you feeling about doing your first visit to Chorley Little Theatre?

Quite pleased. I did do a gig somewhere in Chorley in 1985 with Arnold Brown and Claire Dowie. It’s been too long.

Who makes you laugh at the moment?

My friends

What was the last show/gig you went to see?


What do you prefer, very small intimate venues or bigger places?

Very big small places

If you were a theatrical character who would you be?

The corpse in The Real Inspector Hound, I did play him once

What do you like to do to relax?


Do you have a burning ambition for the future?

I would like to burn the Ministry of Defence

What’s next in the pipeline?

Last night’s dinner.

Are you looking forward to your appearance at Chorley Little Theatre?

Yes, it’s in the future.

A message from Mark Jones, Head of the Artistic Committee

2012-2013 CADOS Season – Submissions Welcomed

Just as we are about to embark on the 2011-2012 season, work now starts on putting together the 2012-2013 season. We are looking for submissions for those who may want to direct. We have 5 production slots (September 2012 has already been allocated for Calendar Girls) - which are October 2012, December 2012 (a pantomine), February 2013, April 2013 and June 2013 (a musical). The only requirement the artistic committee have decided for this season is that the submissions must be for productions which CADOS have never done before. We are looking to do a 'brand-new' season.

In addition to the main season we are also launching 'Studio' productions. These will perform Thurs-Sat at the theatre in Nov 2012, March 2013 and May 2013. These will be smaller scale productions with a limited budget of £500 per production. Which obviously dictates the options for staging.

It doesn't matter if you have never directed before - if you have a passion for a production which you'd like to see on our stage then please make a submission.

We are aiming to get the season finalised by the end of 2011. With this in mind - we have a new submission form for you to complete should you want to direct a CADOS production. This will be soon available on the websitebut for now use the "contact us" page and we'll send it to you. Complete the form and send it back - either by post to the theatre…. for my attention. The closing date for the submission forms is 30th September 2011.

Should you have any questions or queries then don't hesitate to contact me either via this website or by phone - 07877 111 248.

Mark Jones

CADOS – Head of Artistic

CADOS Present


Producer/Director Mark Jones
Assistant Director Sarah Rosental

Auditions Sunday 7th August 2011 - 1pm, Chorley Little Theatre

The Performances
Mon 17-Sat 22 October 2011 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre

The Rehearsals
Sundays (1pm-5pm); and Tuesdays (7.30-10pm) – other rehearsals may be added should they be needed - a full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.

The Play
The Memory of Water is a comedy drama written by English playwright Shelagh Stephenson, first staged at Hampstead Theatre in 1996. It won the Olivier award for best comedy in 2000. Three sisters; Teresa, Mary and Catherine, come together before their mother's funeral, each haunted by their own demons. The play focuses on how each sister deals with the bereavement. The three each have different memories of the same events, causing constant bickering about whose memories are true. As the three women get together after years of separation, all their hidden lies and self-betrayals are about to reach the surface.

This CADOS production
This play will require very strong acting skills – both dramatic and comic. The central three sisters have a lot of lines and monologues.

The Director
This will be Mark’s 7th production for CADOS, following on from Oliver Twist (2011), Blood Brothers (2010), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007), Amadeus, Half a Sixpence (both 2005) and Great Expectations (2004).

The Auditions - Interested?
No preparation in advance of the audition is required. Audition pieces will be issued on the day. Please attend the auditions on Sunday 7th August 2011 – at 1pm at Chorley Little Theatre.

Details below:-

Role(s) Sex Age Detail
Vi F 40-60ish Vi is the mother of the three sisters and whose funeral they are together for. She was a glamorous woman when younger, with whom all the men of the village were enamored. She was not the best of mothers, and did not teach the daughters of sex or of being a woman. She appears to Mary as a Ghost.
Mary F 30s Mary is the middle sister and a doctor whose five-year affair with Mike, a married doctor, is starting to show strain. She experiences a series of interactions with her mother's ghost, whereupon she discusses memory and their relationship.
Teresa F 40-ish Teresa is the eldest sister and an unhappy housewife, who runs a health food supplement store with her husband Frank, and who feels she has had to keep the family together for years. She assumes much of the responsibility for the funeral arrangements and her mother's care once deterioration into Alzheimer's commences. It is clear that she feels both resentful and protective of her younger siblings
Catherine F Late 20s/Early 30s Catherine is the youngest sister, and the only sister who does not have a spouse. Catherine is permanently trying to catch her sisters' attention and feels she was always left out.
Mike M 25-45 Mike is the doctor with whom Mary has been having a 5 year relationship with. He has told Mary that his wife has ME, but during the play Mary finds a picture in a magazine of his wife in perfect health.
Frank M 25-45 Frank is Teresa's husband and runs the health food supplement store with her. He isn't satisfied by doing a job which he doesn't believe in nor care about.








If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact Mark (07877111248)