A quick interview with Paul Zerdin, who's here on Wednesday 5th October.


How are you feeling about doing your first visit to Chorley Little Theatre?

I’m very much looking forward to it. It’s my first time and I want it to be brilliant. So I really hope the audience make an effort!

Why “Spongefest”?

It’s the show I took to the Edinburgh Festival and my puppet characters are made of sponge so - Sponge Fest.

Who makes you laugh or entertains you at the moment?

Big fan of Canadian comic Stewart Francis. Jonathan Ross has still got it and it’s great to see him back on TV doing what he does best.

As you once won a talent show what do you think of current shows such as Britain’s got Talent and the X Factor?

The Big Big Talent Show, the show I won, was originally meant to be a talent showcase featuring up and coming professional acts. The brief changed as it went on air and ITV made it more competitive and in the end it became a talent show but featured working pros. Britain’s got Talent is everybody and anybody. I think that’s great and everybody gets a shot at it. It can work against the act if they are a working pro and established in their field and known in the business but not known to the general public, especially if they get a 'NO!'

What was the last show/gig you went to see?

Being on tour leaves little time for anything. The last show I saw was One Man, Two Guvnors at the National Theatre for my birthday in August. It was like watching a modern day pantomime. The audience loved it.

If you were a theatrical character who would you be?

Kermit the Frog

Do you have a burning ambition for the future?

To be on Dancing on Ice. I used to be married to a figure skater and so I think I can still skate a bit.

You're working on a kind of sitcom, how is that going?

It’s in development with an independent production company at the moment and its getting there, I think! It’s the Muppets meets Seinfeld.

Anything else in the near future?

Have a DVD with Universal to be released next year and a brand new tour.

Are you looking forward to your appearance at Chorley Little Theatre?

It’s a very well thought of venue and I hope the audience enjoy my one man muppety stand up sitcom of a show.