Anyone walking down Peter Street or Dole Lane in the last couple of weeks cannot fail to have noticed the latest part of our renovation work - the big Chorley Little Theatre sign!

Generously provided by Chorley firm Poppy Signs, it's already got a lot of praise and we think it looks fantastic. It's the new logo, as designed by CADOS Chairman Ian Robinson, and replaces the 'ticket-style' logo that was removed during the recent building work.

We think this may be the first time there's actually been a solid wall on the front of the building - when the theatre opened in 1910 there was a bay window there, then the old sign was built into the space of the window. We had to rebuild the wall before a new sign could be put up. The building was then painted in colours to complement the new logo and Poppy Signs came along an did a cracking job creating and affixing the aluminium sign to the building.

So a big thank you to Dave McDonald and all at Poppy Signs for their hard work and support. You can visit their website here for all the great stuff they do.

We'd also like to thank Readyplant for the cherry picker. Without the support of local businesses, we may not be able to continue putting on the great shows we do. We try to make everything extra special so every penny counts.

Plans for the future, when we've raised funds, include lights for the sign and a renovation/clean-up of the Empire glass sign on the front. We're also going to finish painting the outside when the weather clears up.

Inside, there are plans for new, improved toilets, a redecoration of the foyer, and lots of little jobs that will make visits even more fun.