The cast has been announced for April's CADOS play, Our Town. See below. 

Stage Manager - David Reid
Dr Gibbs – Sam Thurston
Joe Crowell – James Clow
Howie Newsome – John Holland
Mrs Gibbs – Sara Norse
Mrs Webb – Danii Townsley
George Gibbs – Dom Nolan
Rebecca Gibbs – Sadie Christopher-Coles
Wally Webb – James Clow
Emily Webb – Amber Tabiner
Professor Willard – Val Fotheringham
Mr Webb – James Clow
Simon (Mrs) Stimson – Denise Audsley
Mrs Soames – Libby Burke
Constable Warren – Beverley Heinze
Si Crowell – James Clow
Sam Craig – Hannah Liddle
Joe Stoddard – Shaun McManus
Belligerent Woman/Dead Soul/Ensemble – Hannah Liddle
Lady in the box/Dead Soul/Ensemble – Cathy Hurley
Woman in the balcony/Dead Soul/Ensemble – Tasha Reece-Lewis

Our Town is written by Thornton Wilder, directed by Mark Jones and runs for 6 nights from 29th April. More details here.