Attendees a special meeting on Thursday at Chorley Little Theatre voted overwhelmingly to change the name of the venue. The building will be called “Chorley Theatre” from 2020, after that option beat Chorley Empire Theatre and the current name. The vote was done in secret at a packed event, with 85% voting for change.
Chairman Ian Robinson said “Chorley Little Theatre is a great name and has served us well, but as we expand and face competition it’s time for a change. It was great to have so many people turn out for the vote, and now we will look at bringing in the new name while staying true to our heritage and ethos."
“Our new name is boldly saying we are Chorley Theatre and we are here for the town and community”
The new name will be introduced from 2020, by which time venue owners CADOS should be operating 2 stages and hope to use the extra space to give more opportunities to local performers.
Ian Robinson added “the important thing now is we can concentrate on all the great shows we’ve got coming up in 2019 and plan for further ahead"