A celebration of the community spirit of the Second World War takes place at Chorley Little Theatre on Saturday 19thMay when Don’t Panic! arrives on stage.

Paying tribute to the classic sitcom, Dad’s Army, it’s a fun-filled variety show full of comedy, sing-alongs, magic and sketches. Suitable for the whole family it makes the audience part of the proceedings.

The Home Guard have been told the Germans are going to bomb the area around the theatre so everyone has to gather together for their own safety. But there’s also a spy in the audience! With everyone gathered together, Captain Mainwaring and his team have to keep everyone entertained and uncover the spy at the same time.

The show features popular songs from the war years, magic, and even an impromptu puppet show.

“It is a really good fun show,” said Andy Gaskell who both devised the production and plays Captain Mainwaring. “We’ve got lots of elements from a traditional variety show alongside classic lines from the TV series, but the spy element means anything could happen”

The show started in Lancashire but has now toured the country, playing theatres across the UK. Says Andy “Everyone gets to join in and sing along to some great songs and have a real laugh at the same time. Plus there’s a real surprise at the end.”

Tickets are £12.50 (£10 concessions) from Malcolms Musicland 01257 264362 or