The latest play at Chorley Little Theatre is based on the emotional real-life stories of children who moved from Nazi Germany to Britain in the 1930s. As authorities in that country cracked down on Jewish activity the British government arranged for 10,000 children to be rescued just before World War II broke out.

The play, Kindertransport, by Diane Samuels focuses on Eva/Evelyn who lives with a foster carer, Lil, in Manchester. Spanning several time periods a story emerges of life in Germany, including concentration camps, and a possible new life in America.

Eva finds herself torn between life with her adopted family and her roots and heritage.  All the time, the action is haunted by the nightmarish figure of “the Ratcatcher”

Director David Reid says the play is “about family, about separation, about new beginnings and the distress they can cause. Most importantly it’s a play about mothers and daughters.”

In the lead role Becky Chamberlain takes Eva from child to teenager, with Sue Hilton as Lil. Debbie Garrett, Sam Quinn, and Katie Waller play characters from different times in Eva’s life, while Ryan Norse is the German concentraion camp guard who haunts their lives.

Producer Jacqueline Green said “Kindertransport tells a captivating story of survival and building a new life, and which strikingly resonates with current events facing the world today.”

She added “It’s a very emotional and moving play and we hope audiences will be affected by it the way we have”

The play runs from Monday 27th February to Saturday 4th March at 7.30pm each night. Tickets from Malcolm’s Musicland 01257 264362 or