Play written by Mike Harding.
Directed by Kath Ashworth. 01204 699156
Produced by Karen Thompson 01257 277201
Performance Dates: Monday 19th - Saturday 24th October, 7.30pm

Read Through Tuesday July 21st at 7-30
Auditions Sunday July 26th starting at 11am

Synopsis:     Set in the 70s era

Deirdre Ollerenshaw an upwardly mobile working class girl, is set to marry her fiancée Mark Greenhalgh The scene is set on the eve before her wedding. Mark is the none too bright son of working class man made good, Ronald Greenhalgh and his snobbish wife Muriel. Muriel has with the help of her husband moved up in the world and looks down on the Ollerenshaws. The Ollerenshaws  are a working class family made up of a variety of different characters, who can be coarse and swear a lot. Grandad Nip is an old rogue who is a willing helper in all the mayhem. We have an rugby playing best man and a alcoholic priest and a variety of other people they meet along the way. The scenes are set before and after the wedding.

Director Kath Ashworth previously directed the sell-out Mike Harding play Comfort & Joy in 2013.

Character synopsis.
There are a few extras some with lib and some without, they can audition with a principle  audition piece, age not a factor for some parts. Interested people can be considered without audition.

Edith Ollerenshaw  Age 40+ Down to earth working class woman, no airs and graces. Some swearing.
Harry Ollerenshaw   Age 40+ Working class, proud to be British some racist comments, not too bright at times. Some awearing.
Keven Ollerenshaw  Age 20+ Brother of the bride working class Jack the lad, swears a lot.
Deirdre Ollerenshaw  Age 18+ Working class but wants to rise socially in the world.
Peter Ollerenshaw  Age 20+ Brother of the bride working class would be intellectual, right wing attitudes.
Nip   Age 60+ Edith’s dad, an old rogue, coarse  swears a lot.
Mark Greenhalgh  Age 20+ The groom, none too bright, spoilt by his parents into an upper middle class lifestyle.
Hamish  Age 20+ Rugger playing best man upper middle class attitude.
Father Molloy  Age 50+ Alcoholic, Irish, completely eccentric.
Muriel Greenhalgh  Age 40+ Mother of the groom. Working class snob looks down on others only in Act 2.
Ronald Greenhalgh   Age 40+ Father of the groom. Working class man made good, hen pecked but a nice man.

Small roles

Jimmy Peters friend age 20+ right wing anti every thing some lib.
Man in club Age 40+ brief funny conversation with Father Molloy which makes no sense at all.
Stripper willing to wear skimpy costume and dance.
Bridesmaids 2 age 18+ some lib.