It's always a pleasure to welcome Richard Herring to Chorley Little Theatre, and this visit - his sixth - was no exception but turned out to be even more eventful than we expected!

As we always give Richard a Chorley cake when he comes we thought he might be a little sick of them and fancy something different so we commissioned Ruth at Woodchats Coffee Shop to create a special "Richard Herring Chorley Cake" containing mango chutney and cheese. Herring would often visit a cafe called Tempting Tattie during the Edinburgh Fringe and order this combination on a baked potato, so we decided to do the same thing with a Chorley cake. Sounds weird - but they're delicious!

Richard Herring Chorley Cakes will soon be available from Woodchats, based on Chorley bus station and open 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday. Do make sure you ask for a "Richard Herring"

But what happened next has made national news. You can read The Telegraph's coverage here, and hear from audience member Gary Robinson here on Radio 5 Live (58 minutes in) but the best coverage is, of course, in Richard Herring's blog. Read all about it here.

High-res photos from the night are here.

From our point of view, it was all very interesting, and highly unusual. We try to signpost when we have "offensive" or controversial comedians on but although Herring can push the bounds there's always a great deal of thought behind everything. So when she labelled him "disgusting" it was very surprising - this show is essentially about nostalgia, growing up, friendship and mistakes we make. It's not nearly as rude as some of his past stuff and really is Rich being a bit playful.

But this show wasn't for this one woman, who would clearly prefer Peter Kay* and that's fair enough. Hopefully she and Gary can make up and maybe we'll see them here again for a happier night!


*Peter, if you're reading this, you're most welcome to pop in and do a show.