A few people have asked if we're showing children's films over the Summer, and the answer is no. Sorry for any disappointment, but this August we're taking it a little easier with many of the volunteers going on holiday.

More than that, though, the summer closedown is a chance to do some building maintenance and refurbishment. Some of the auditorium seats are being moved so we have fewer odd seats which means a few less couples will be split up on busy nights (in theory); we're also hopefully replacing some doors and touching up the paintwork. We'll also be doing some urgent backstage work in order to make sure the building stays up! With all this and PAT testing it just isn't possible to open up to the public.

However, we're back with a vengeance in September. Look for the film listings coming soon, including dates of the children's films which are being supported by a grant from Chorley Council.

In  the meantime... have a great Summer!