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We've had an independent review by local writer Richard Cook. Take a look!

Christmas comes early to Chorley Little Theatre

by Richard Cook

They say as a writer you should write what you know. Nowhere is that more hilariously achieved than in Willy Russell's affectionate portrayal of the Dobson family and their 1975 Liverpool council estate. Regarded as Russell's 'laugh-out-loud funniest' work, you're in for a side-splitting treat in Breezeblock Park.

The play is set before the invention of political correctness: when bell-bottoms were in and bras were out; when Liverpool won things; when you could innocently believe you'd been given a drinks mixer for Christmas... (It's worth the ticket money just to find out what I mean)!

Eighteen year old Sandra has discovered books, red wine and political idealism, and is no longer content with her telly-addict family. In posh boyfriend Tim, she sees an escape from the estate, but change is never easy. Nor is there ever a good time for bad news - but if you're going to drop a bombshell, why not do it at Christmas, the season of peace on earth, goodwill to all men...

The play is replete with colourful characters and witty one-liners (Tommy in the second half is a guilty delight), but there is heart-warming drama here too. The cast of seasoned (and award-winning) favourites are joined by a fine crop of young, home-grown talent, and Irene Kearney brings a passion for all things Scouse to the direction. Ryan Laskey (Tim) told me, “We've been rehearsing three times a week for eight weeks and we still wet ourselves laughing!”

Breezeblock Park runs from 18 - 23rd October at Chorley Little Theatre.