With John Bishop here this week, here are the answers to the questions we keep being asked:

I booked online. Is it first come, first served?

No, your seats have been allocated. We have an odd-shaped auditorium and by allocating seats we can squeeze more people in. Seats were assigned in the order the sales came in. Because the shows are sell-outs we cannot re-allocate once you get to the theatre.

I booked online or by phone. Can I collect in advance?

No, we're all volunteers and haven't time to sort out individual queries. Your tickets will be on the door for collection on the night.

I have unwanted tickets, can you resell them?

We may be able to, but you have to tell us which seats you are reselling (and then tell us if you have resold them yourself).

I bought too many tickets. Can I get my money back on my spare?

No. Tickets are non-refundable.

Are there any spare tickets/returns?

No-one has given us any. There might be some on the door, but no guarantees.

I bought online for a friend, how do they collect?

All people collecting tickets need to bring proof of purchase and credit card used.

Will I be able to meet John?

Probably not

What time does John come on stage?


What time does it finish?

Expect 9.45-10pm

I missed out. Will John be adding any more nights?

Unlikely, sorry.


In addition, please remember these are Work In Progress shows. All filming, recording, photography is forbidden and anyone caught doing so will be ejected without refund.