The new comedy production from CADOS is full of heroic derring-do and dastardly double-crossing as the classic thriller The 39 Steps comes to life on the Chorley Little Theatre stage.

Loosely based on John Buchan’s novel, and Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film, the fast-paced play sees the suave Richard Hannay on the run for murder after a mysterious femme fatale is found dead in his apartment.

As he journeys from London to Edinburgh and across the Scottish highlands he realises he’s stumbled across a plot that could threaten the entire country and decides he must save King and country and clear his name.

Garth Maunders keeps his stiff upper lip as Hannay, with Sarah Burrill playing all the female characters, including Pamela who Hannay finds himself handcuffed to as they flee from double agents.

All other parts are played by Andrew Kidd and Matthew Routledge in a series of hats, disguises and accents. Hannay encounters everyone from underwear salesmen to jealous hoteliers in his journey, and even ends up jumping from the Forth Bridge to make his escape.

Director Sean Duxbury describes the show as “rip-snortingly funny” and really puts the cast through their paces. It won Best Comedy at the Olivier Awards in 2005 and is still running in London’s West End.

The show runs from Monday 28th April until Saturday 3rd May, with tickets £6 (Monday – Wednesday) and £8 (Thursday – Saturday) from Malcolm’s Musicland 01257 264362 or

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