We're already incredibly cheap, so look at how nice we are to you: for this month only, we're doing the following offers.


Extra £5 Night

We've kept the Wednesday night price for Breezeblock Park down to the same as Monday and Tuesday - just £5. So you've no excuse to miss this cracking comedy.


2-For-1 Comedy

Pop to Malcolms for a ticket to stand-up Dan Antopolski (18th November) or quirky Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre (14th May) and get another completely free!

(Sorry, not figured out how to do this on the internet yet). Offer ends 31st October 2010.


Free Drink!

Buy tickets for all three music shows in November, and get a free drink at the bar. Just show your tickets to the bar staff. Simples!

Only one drink per person, can only be claimed once.



If you're under 16 and buy a ticket for Curse of the Manic Museum, you can get a ticket for How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse for £5 - a saving of £1.


All tickets available from Malcolms Musicland 01257 264362.