It’s been too hot for shows, so we’ve been working hard on the building instead!

We’re re-arranging our bar to make more room and become the sort of place you’re happy to spend more time in. We’ve got a new counter along the walls, and more seats and tables in the middle. When we’ve got a bit more money the chairs will all be new, comfy ones so please make do with what we have for now.

The big news is we’re getting tea and coffee back. We used to serve hot drinks in crockery from big metal teapots but this became impractical and we haven’t been able to offer this service for a few years. But from the opening night of Shakers you’ll be able to choose a hot drink of your choice and drink in the auditorium.

Hot drinks will be available from the bar alongside our great range of real ales, draught lager, ciders, soft drinks and spirits - at great-value prices!

On top of this, the walls have been repainted as they were looking a bit scruffy and there’s a sound system installed to add a bit of atmosphere.

The bar is open throughout the night, except during the actual performance, so please pop in for a drink and a hello.

What else did we do?

Well, we had to fix the projector, have done a little work in the loos, re-upholstered auditorium seats, gave the carpets a good cleaning... and, of course, rehearsed two shows!