With this year’s Pantomime pretty much sold out, Chorley Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society (CADOS) are already looking ahead to their new season of shows at Chorley Little Theatre

The season starts in February with Accidental Death of an Anarchist, a late-20th Century satire packed full of jokes and zaniness, as the slippery “Maniac” is interrogated by police and plots his escape. 

In April, the group stage Our Town A drama about every day life, it’s considered one of the great American plays. 

Ian Hislop writes June’s play, A Bunch of Amateurs a comedy in which a rural amdram group somehow hire a big Hollywood star to play their King Lear.

The story of seven women and one man at tap dance classes in a village hall going on to great things is the basis of the feelgood “Stepping Out” in September, and Alan Ayckbourn weaves reality and fantasy in Woman In Mind in October.

The season concludes with the pantomime Cinderella from the same award-winning team behind previous sell-out shows at the theatre.

CADOS Artistic Director Mark Jones says “this is a really strong season with, overall, a really positive vibe to it that we hope will connect with audiences. 2018 has been one of our most best-attended years ever so we’ll be building on that success.

Tickets for all the shows are on sale now via this website, Malcolms Musicland 01257 264362, Ebb & Flo Bookshop or whenever the theatre is open for shows.

Season Tickets are £49 per person for all six productions and available here (just let us know your preferred days and seats!)

The full season is:

Monday 25th February - Saturday 2nd March
Written by Dario Fo
Directed by Robert Walsh

Monday 29th April - Saturday 4th May
by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Mark Jones

Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd June
by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman
Directed by Barbara Wilcox

Monday 2nd - Saturday 7th September
by Richard Harris
Directed by Rebecca Dickinson

Monday 14th - Saturday 19th October
by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Dave Reid

Friday 13th - Saturday 21st December
Pantomime written and directed by Steven Catterall & Andy Burke

The power of community and working together is the heart of the new play at Chorley Little Theatre. “For The Love of the Game” is a brand-new play by local playwright Terry Wynn about a sporting apartheid that existed in rugby, and how it affects players, supporters, and families.

Based on a true story, Jack Vardy stars as Jason who plays rugby union while at university. Upon returning home to Wigan he finds himself barred from the League game thanks to antiquated rules. Soon his biggest battle is in the corridors of power as he takes on the bosses and tries to force change.

At the same time, the play features a small group of church-goers campaigning to save their building. The two battles for the future of a community come together in this uplifting, witty and heartfelt drama.

Set in the 1980s and 1990s, the play features cameos from real-life politicians Gerald Kaufman and Roger Stott, who is played here by his son Joe Mills.

Director Steve Unsworth says “Although the theme appears to be heavily rugby based, it isn’t really; it’s a play about community, social injustice, belief and values – it’s very human.”

An ensemble cast also features Steven Catterall as the church caretaker with strong ideas about Wigan rugby, Lucy Holden and Shaz Holstead as Doreen and Vera, two strong Northern women fighting to save their church.

The play runs from Monday 15thto Saturday 20thOctober at 7.30pm. Tickets from Malcolms Musicland 01257 264362 or www.chorleytheatre.com

Please note the Theatre Box Office will be open Friday 8th June 7-7.30pm, and Sunday 10th June 12noon - 1pm. No booking fees.

You can continue to purchase tickets at Malcolm's Musicland, Chapel Street (01257 264362) and Ebb & Flo Book shop on Gillibrand Street, as well as online.


Book now

Do you want to be in this year’s Pantomime? Then come along to our Beauty and The Beast cast auditions on Sunday 16thSeptember at 1:30pm!

Production Dates: Friday 14th - Saturday 22th December 2018 

Director: Zoe Duffin-Jones

Musical Director:Amy Hardcastle

Producer and Choreographer:Rebecca Dickinson

Assistant Choreographer: Cara Jones

Costume: Sandra Dickinson
Stage Manager: Mike Taylor 

If you would like to join the crew in any capacity, please let us know! We are particularly interested in anyone over 16 who wants to set-paint, build and find unusual props, or wants to be involved in the technical side. 

The Director: 

Director Zoe Duffin-Jones has been a long standing member of CADOS since the age of 6, having danced and acted numerous musicals, pantomimes and plays. She made her directing debut in 2014 with ‘Shakers’, to go on with ‘Talking Heads’ in 2015 and then in 2016 the hit production of ‘The Railway Children.’  Now she’s back directing this year’s panto, which is packed full of jokes, comedy , slapstick, songs and dances.

The Story:

The classic fairy-tale gets a pantomime twist, a castle full of curious characters and mystery following local girl Belle on her adventure, will she find true love?

All cast MUST be 17 or over during the performance of the show.

For more information please contact Zoe Duffin-Jones on 07447 452488 or via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anyone who wants to audition for a part with singing marked next to it please bring a back track on CD or device (iPod etc.) to the audition and be prepared to sing.

For musical enquiries, contact Amy Hardcastle on 07724 851227. We advise you chose a track suitable to the nature of the show i.e. fun, uplifting, aspirational.

Audition pieces will be given out at the audition.


S - Singing required within the show and therefore singing audition will be required (as above)

D = Dancing within the show.  M= Movement within the show(i.e. finale routine)

All age ranges are guides only.  Don’t let them put you off auditioning as we are looking for someone who is right for the part, even if that means being flexible on the age.

 Available parts:



Belle (F) Traditional principal girl. Spirited and a strong character. Strong singer required and the ability to dance.




Snowy White (F) Traditional pantomime fairy. Needs good audience interactions and a strong singing voice.




Prince Sebastian/The Beast (M) A strong character and good singing voice needed.




The Wicked Witch (F) Traditional pantomime baddie.




Jean (M) pronounced ‘John’- fancies himself and Belle. (Think Lord Flashheart in Blackadder). Comedy duo with David. Singing required.




David (M) pronounced ‘Daved’. Camp. Comedy duo with Jean. Singing required.




Papa (M) Belle’s father




Front-End (M/F) front of the pantomime horse- comedy role (Think Stan Laurel)




Back-End (M/F) back of the pantomime horse- comedy role (Think Oliver Hardy)




Tick (M/F) the clock. Character along the lines of Sid James. Singing required.




Spark (M/F) the candlestick. Character along the lines of Leslie Phillips. Singing required.




Mrs Spout (M) Traditional pantomime dame. Must have good audience interactions. Singing required.




Freya & Alice (F) The dame’s daughters- will be cast from dancers- not required to attend cast acting auditions.





Do you want to be a dancer in this years’ Pantomime?

Then come along to the auditions on Saturday 15th September 2018at Chorley Little Theatre.

Registration from 8.50am, starting at 9am (aiming to be finished by 12pm).

If you are aged over 6 years old, and believe you can act, sing and dance then we would like to see you there. Formal dance training is preferred but not necessary.

Please ensure you are available for all the performance dates and the week prior before auditioning. If you are not available for all dates, you may not be considered.

Please ensure you dress appropriately and bring dance shoes and adequate drinks as you will be dancing throughout the audition period. Parents / Guardian mustremain with any child (including those aged 16 and still at school) throughout the audition day.

For any further information please contact Rebecca Dickinson, Choreographer, on

07521 977707 or state your interest through our Facebook event!


DO read the character descriptions and be realistic about if you are right for the part to avoid disappointment!

DON’T do a half-hearted audition or just read the part – we want to see characters who are interesting and engaging, and the sort of characters we would want to spend 3 hours watching!

DO make sure you have learnt your song if you are doing a singing audition

DON’T be nervous – you’re only acting to two or three people and if you make a mistake it doesn’t matter – we’re looking to see if you could play these roles after a few months rehearsals and not that night!

DO use your reading time before the audition to plan how you are going to deliver the lines and read it out loud with other people going for roles

DON’T assume that you have it ‘in the bag’ and so don’t bother putting much into your audition – we want to see your performance

DON’T assume someone else has it ‘in the bag’ - it comes down to performances on the day and how everyone fits together

DO choose a song that shows off your vocal range and lets you really sell the song – if you can sing high or low, have a good belt or a great pop voice then pick a song that lets us know about it!

DON’T just stand there – move around the stage and use your body language and gestures to sell your performance

DO have a go! If you fancy trying out then don’t assume that everyone will be better than you – it might be that you are just the person we are looking for!


Rehearsals are well under way for the latest play from CADOS. “Be My Baby” is a bittersweet comedy drama about four girls thrown together who bond over their love of American pop music.

Based on real events from the 1960s, Amanda Whittington’s play starts with 19-year-old Mary being sent to a religious home for unmarried pregnant women. Disowned by her family, Mary must hide away in the home and keep out of the public eye.

But Mary soon befriends street-smart Queenie, dreamer Dolores, and naïve Norma. Each must come to terms with their situation under the strict Matron.

The lives of these four young, unmarried, pregnant women are unpicked and viewed both sympathetically and with humour. The girls spirit comes through as they join in singing to the hit music of the time.

Directed by Rebecca Dickinson, the play stars Emily Cook, Emma Bailey, Rachel Offord and Rosie-Anne Pemberton as the girls with Jade Smith as the Matron and Steph Threlfall as Mary’s mother.

The production opens on Monday 11thJune at Chorley Little Theatre and runs until Saturday 16thJune. Details at www.chorleytheatre.com or book at Malcolm’s Musicland 01257 264362