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Audition: Lead role in "Woman In Mind"


Audition: Lead role in
Audition: Lead role in "Woman In Mind"
Sun, 21. April 2019, 12:00pm



Date; Sun 21/4/19
At 12 noon

“Woman in Mind”
by Alan Ayckbourne
To be performed on 14th - 19th October

This is a special audition for the lead role of Susan.
Although the performances are several months off, given the demands of the role we feel the sooner the part is cast the better.
The role is extremely demanding, not only because the character is onstage throughout the play, but also because of the dramatic range required.

Susan is described by the author as: “An unassuming woman in her 40’s. She is used to (and happy to) play second fiddle to more determined personalities than her own. But now, at this stage of her life, she is beginning to question the role she’s been playing, or has been cast in.”

She is starved of affection from an appallingly boring husband and a priggish son, who is ashamed of her. To compensate she creates an imaginary and perfect family. However, she gradually loses control of these fictitious characters and (in her mind) they begin to interact with her real life, leading to a nightmarish climax of confusion and breakdown.

Susan is the centre of the action – everything revolves around her – the audience sees through her eyes. Ayckbourne once wrote that if the play was taken literally there should be a blackout every time she blinked!

As such, she is obviously onstage throughout, but also has to relate to a range of other characters (some real, some fictional). Emotionally she goes from joy to rage, from confusion to satisfaction, to frustration and despair and ultimately to emotional collapse.

All this in the space of two hours, without leaving the stage (except for the interval!)

Everything about this production is based around the character of Susan – hence the early audition.

Staging will be simplistic (the whole play is set in a suburban garden,) although the lighting will be quite complex, especially when the real and fantasy worlds collide.

However, as with all Ayckbourne plays, the emphasis will be on the acting, the timing of the delivery and the emotional communication, especially with the central role of Susan.

The script states that Susan is in her 40’s – but if you’re 20 or 60, who cares? (As long as you can act!)

There will be 3 monologues that you will be asked to present. (Scripts will be provided on the day, but can be emailed to you in advance if required. Please note that these monologues are not in the actual script – Susan has no monologues – they are hybrids of conversations that she has in the play.)

Please bear in mind that the character collapses to the floor several times during the play, so dress casual!

There are not many plays where the lead role is female – and even fewer where the female never leaves the stage. There are not many plays where comedy and tragedy meet in such a compelling way.. The role of Susan is a great comedic and dramatic challenge. But it will involve a lot of work and commitment. If you fancy a challenge we’ll be glad to see you on Sunday April 21st

If you have any questions about the role, the audition, or if you would like copies of the audition pieces please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chorley Little Theatre
Dole Lane, Chorley
United Kingdom