FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME by Terry Wynn. Directed by Steve Unsworth

Auditions: Sunday 24th June, 11am - 1pm (registration from 10.30am)

Production: Monday 15th - Saturday 20th October

Message from the director: Although the theme appears to be heavily rugby based, it isn’t really; it’s a play about community, social injustice, belief and values – it’s very human... there’s not a rugby move in sight! Although I have my own clear ideas, I want to encourage an ensemble piece where we all have ownership, where the actors (where possible) provide the music, manage the scene changes, and so on. Rehearsals are to be negotiated once the cast are in place. Any questions.....drop me a line or give me a ring

The Play A new play, laced with Northern wit, about sporting apartheid in the North of England. Set in the period from 1980 to 1995 it shows how a young man is prevented from playing for his club team because he has played another sport. It displays the prejudice of the Rugby Football Union to those who played Rugby League and as time moves on shows the fight to beat this attitude of Twickenham’s “Old Farts”. Some of the dialogue is taken from the book "Rugby's Class War" by David Hinchliffe, one of the MPs who were prominent in creating the environment that led the RFU to make changes to their discriminatory rules that had been enshrined for 100 years.

The cast:

Jason, whom the story revolves around. At University in York, where he has gained his LL.B and is now studying for his Law Society Finals. Plays fly half for a top Yorkshire Rugby Union club. Age 22 in 1980

Doreen, his mother, typical Wiganer, always ready to speak her mind. Recently widowed, matey with Vera and they follow Wigan Rugby League team.

Vera, her pal, strong northern woman, same age as Doreen, early forties in 1980.

Kathleen, On the opposite side of the fence to Doreen and Vera when it comes to church politics, and politics in general as she is also a committed Conservative. She is also the church organist and a St Helens supporter.

Derek, the Minister of the church. In 1980 he is a young, lively, bloke-next-door type. Wears jeans, short sleeved clerical shirt and clerical collar. Becoming more conservatively dressed as the years pass. Not local to Wigan, originating from the Wirral. Knows nothing about rugby of any kind. He leads a lively congregation, keen on singing and has a good choir. Unfortunately he is saddled with an ageing building that is in desperate need of costly repairs.

Peter, the church caretaker and resident cynic, except when it comes to Rugby League. Speaks with a broad Wigan accent. Age 50ish in 1980. This character has some of the wittiest lines and is well featured in the play.

George, the rugby prop forward who always leads the singing in the changing rooms. Lawyer but rough as a badgers bum. Middle class Yorkshire man. Age 30 in 1980. Sings quite a lot and is a central character.

Simon, at 19 the youngest member of the rugby team, well educated but naïve in the politics of the club. Only appears in first half.

The Coach, in his 50’s, tough and ruthless. Only appears in scene 6.

Roger Stott MP. Only appears in the second half. Age mid 30’s in 1980.

Gerald Kauffman MP, the chairman of the House of Commons Hearing. Only appears in scene 12. Depending on cast availability this could be played by The Coach.

Four Witnesses at the hearing in scene 12; depending on cast availability could be played by the Simon, George, Derek and Peter cast members.

Please note: It is envisaged that all cast members can sing (please prepare to sing ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘Jerusalem’ for audition)

For a copy of the script please email Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he’ll send an electronic copy. He can also be contacted on 07758243651 or on Facebook/Messenger

Probable Audition sections

Doreen – speech p110-111
Kathleen – mono p 60
Jason/George/Simon – p 18 – 20
Peter – 75 – 76 (re comic timing)
Derek/Peter – p 6/7......add Doreen/Vera/Kathleen p 7-9

Vera/Doreen/Derek/Kathleen/Peter – p38 – 42
Simon/George/Derek/Peter/Coach – ability to play a witness in last scene change of vocal and physicality needed – for audition all will present p 111 Witness 4 speech


LAST TANGO IN WHITBY by Mike Harding. Directed by Kath Ashworth

Auditions: Sunday 1st July, 11am - 1pm

Production: Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th September

Rehearsals: start in July - Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Sundays later in August. All speaking cast must be available the two dress rehearsals. If you have limited available time for rehearsals please think before you audition

Written by Mike Hardy and first produced in 1990. It tells the story of the annual trip of a group of 50+ mainly senior citizens to spend a weekend in a hotel in Whitby. They all seem to be good friends and have been coming and enjoying this trip for a few years. The party consists of couples and single people, mainly women. This year is quite sad as Pat a regular has recently been widowed and is trying to make the best of this weekend. On arriving at the hotel we find the entertainment is provided by Phil and Edna a couple in a seemingly loveless marriage, and Pat’s weekend takes an unexpected turn when Cupid arrives in Whitby. Her friends however are not happy with the unfolding events.

All principle characters are in the 50+ age group and are a lively group of characters some singing and dancing is involved, but nothing too strenuous.

There are a group of 9 principle characters. 3 Males and 6 Females but I would like about 4 extra cast members who will be extras and help with some scene changing.

KATHLEEN: Can be bossy and opinionated.
JOAN: Jimmy’s wife can be a bit saucy and loud.
MAUREEN: Opinionated and can be a bit old fashioned in her attitude will double up as Mrs Mingham the hotel house keeper.
PAT: Quite sad at first but gets romantic with Phil and blossoms.
JESSIE: Appears to be a bit special but is really quite timid and easily manipulated. However there is a brave soul inside.
EDNA: Phil’s wife in a a marriage that is making he unhappy due to circumstances in the past, not a happy person can be quite curt.
JIMMY: Always seems to be the life and soul of the party in charge of the ale and everyone having a good time. Quite a caring person.
HENRY: A know all always relating his army years and knows everything and is not afraid to offer his” pennyworth”
PHIL: May have been a minor entertainer back in the day. Quite a charismatic character particularly with some of the ladies. Some ballroom dancing needed.

We also need 1 Male 20 to 30 and 2 female cast members 18 to 20 to play several small speaking and non-speaking roles. Come on the audition day to let me know if you are interested. (A kissing cuddling couple will be necessary for two of the roles.)

Contact : Kath Ashworth Director 01204 699156, 07340367005, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can message me on Face Book.

Producer, Barry Ashworth, SM, Jackie Green, Sets by Shaun McManus, Lighting & Sound, Paul Carr
Costume, Sandra Dickinson


Adapted by Stephen Briggs from the Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett

Venue: Chorley Little Theatre

Performance Dates: Mon 23rd – Sat 28th April 2018 inclusive

Auditions Date: Sun 14th January 2018 @ 1pm

Directed by Keya Edge and Paul Carr

Produced by Jackie Green

The Story:

The play is based on one of the 41 Discworld books by Terry Pratchett, which have sold around 85m copies but don’t worry if you’ve never read one or haven't heard of Discworld because you don’t need to know anything about the books to be able to audition or follow the show (even Paul has no idea what’s going on!)

Discworld consists of a large disc resting on the backs of four huge elephants which are in turn standing on the back of an enormous turtle, named Great A'Tuin, as it slowly swims through space. Pratchett’s books take the reader into a whole new world of fantasy, and that’s exactly what we are going to do too!

In “Guards Guards!”, the infamous city of Ankh-Morpork is under threat from a 60-foot fire-breathing dragon, summoned by a secret society of malcontent tradesmen in order to rule the city. Defending Ankh-Morpork against this threat is the underpaid, undervalued City Night Watch – consisting of a drunken and world-weary Captain Vimes, a cowardly and overweight Sergeant Colon, a small opportunistic Corporal Nobbs (of dubious parentage) ...and their newest recruit, Lance Constable Carrot, who is upright, literal, law-abiding and keen.

Aiding them in their fight for truth, justice and the Ankh-Morporkian way, are a small swamp dragon called Errol, Lady Ramkin and the Librarian of Unseen University (who just happens to be an orang-utan!) This unlikely band of misfits need to defeat the dragon, restore order to Ankh-Morpork, and preferably doing all this without having to do anything too strenuous!


Auditions are open to anyone of any experience and you can just turn up on the day but it may help if you let us know in advance via the contacts at the end of this notice (especially if you want to see audition pieces ahead of time). Alternatively, register on our Facebook event here.

We will release audition pieces ahead of the auditions through this group so that you can prepare for your audition and get familiar with the pieces ahead of time – giving you more scope in the audition to concentrate on the performance rather than just reading the lines. You DO NOT need to have learnt the audition pieces (and they will be provided again on the day) but please do familiarise yourself with them so that we are not seeing you reading ‘cold’.

Click here to download the Audition Pieces (remember, we're not expecting you to learn them off-by-heart but being familiar will help). 

The format will be closed auditions but as the play is an ensemble piece we may ask you to read against other auditionees to get a feel for the dynamics between different actors. We are aiming to try and be in a position to cast the show on the audition day so if you are going to have any difficulty with the date or time them please let us know in advance and we will try to accommodate seeing you before the main auditions so that you can be considered.


Rehearsals will begin in late January and will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights – possibly with the addition of Sunday afternoons as we get closer to the show. Evening rehearsals are typically from 7:30pm until 10pm and schedules can be worked around known absences if needed – not everyone will be needed at every rehearsal.


The staging for the show is simple yet relatively complex, incorporating dragons, orangutans, skeletons, fantastical scenery and special effects – and the CADOS technical team are pulling out all the stops to create Pratchett’s fantasy world onstage. Medieval style costume and bizarre props will all help to make this show one to remember!


PLEASE NOTE – All cast are to be aged 18+ (though some may be playing younger) and ages of many characters are given as a guide only. Many could be played as significantly older or younger depending on how the casting goes. (If you’re not sure if you will fit a part then please ask!)



Male / Female

and approx. (guideline!) playing ages

Approx. Lines


M 16


Captain Vimes

M 45


Lupine Wonse

M 35


Corporal Nobbs

M/F 40s


Sergeant Colon

M/F 50s


Lady Sybil Ramkin

F 45




20 (mini paragraphs)



28 ‘ook’s! - nonspeaking

Brother Plasterer / Patrician / Voice at Door

M 40+


Brother Fingers / Archchancellor

M 30+


Brother Doorkeeper / Chief Assassin

M/F 30+


Brother Watchtower / First Worthy



Brother Dunnykin / Second Worthy



Chorus 1 (Carrot’s Dad, Zebbo Mooty, First Warrior, First Citizen, Bunting Carrier, First Guard)

M 30+


Chorus 2 (Knowlessman, Urdo Van Pew, Second Warrior, Second Citizen, Servant, Second Guard)

M/F 30+


Death / C.M.O.T. Dibbler

M 45+




























Some additional details about some of the characters (as written in the Pratchett novel) are given below as a guide, but we are interested in seeing your own take on the roles as well

Carrot             Red hair (a wig will be acceptable!) is a dwarf, for he was adopted and raised by dwarfs, so needs to be tall(ish - taller than Nobby). His human name "Carrot" describes his shape, not his red hair. Carrot is the most consciously and conscientiously law-abiding citizen in Ankh-Morpork. Having been brought up in dwarf culture, Carrot takes everything literally and believes in obeying rules. He isn’t stupid, just very enthusiastic.

Captain Vimes             Captain of the (useless) Night Watch, Sam Vimes is by nature an extremely cynical person. His first impression upon meeting someone is that they're guilty of something. Equally, he is known to be an angry person. Vimes is far from being perfect, and he knows the fact better than anyone. A drunk man who slowly sobers up during the play to help save the day. A strong character, who is a little fed up, but deep down cares deeply for Ankh-Morpork

Lupine Wonse            An ambitious man, he advanced upwards from his poor roots to become chief secretary to the Patrician. Slimy character, the baddie of the plot. Sneaky and mean he runs the Brethren whilst also being the chief secretary to the Patrician, and is the ‘brains’ behind summoning the dragon

Lady Sybil Ramkin            In appearance Lady Sybil is a strong woman with a large build. She is one of the notable breeders of swamp dragons. Her house includes a pen-house for the dragons. She is often wearing a lot of leather armour, rubber boots, thick gloves, as she works on the dragons. Posh aristocrat, falls in love with Vimes

Sergeant Colon            Lazy and over weight and has been described as looking something like a pork butcher. Not stupid, but not fully aware of what’s going on.

Corporal Nobbs             Shorter than the average dwarf. Nobby, perhaps, should have been disqualified from the human race (for shoving). Nobby, shall we say, acquires things. He is good at ‘acquiring’ things, even though he is part of the watch. Nobby is both a romantic and a cynic. Nobby is shorter than many dwarfs, and due to a personal hygiene problem he can tarnish and corrode any metal near him. He lodges many half-smoked cigarettes behind his ears. Cleverly stupid, bit of a geezer.

Librarian            The Librarian is a faculty member, and so he must have once been a human wizard. A strong wave of magic, altering reality, transformed the Librarian into an orang-utan. After things settled down, the Librarian's colleagues found that he liked being an orang-utan, and fought all efforts to transform him back to human. All the Librarian ever utters is 'oook' or 'eeek'. Will be required to act like an orang-utan at all times, very physical actor needed.

Footnote            Footnote is the narrator of the piece, though is never ‘technically’ seen! They explain parts of the show as a voiceover (with some manipulation skills required!) making sure no one misses a plot point or explaining points about Pratchett’s world. This role would suit someone who is less confident at appearing onstage but has good vocal skills.

The Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night (the Brothers) are mysterious hooded characters who are a Monty Pythonesque bickering band of halfwits, and inadvertently summon a dragon that they then cannot control. Always robed and wearing masks they each need quite distinct voices to get their characters across:

Brother Plasterer: only slightly less thick than the plaster he works with

Brother Fingers: the thief, gets stuck with the crappy jobs. Always sent for the food, because he'd never mastered the art of paying for it.

Brother Doorkeeper: a jobsworth, wants to be important.

Brother Watchtower: One of the more clever (or at least not quite as stupid) members, he briefly assumed leadership of the secret society in the Supreme Grand Master's absence

Brother Dunnykin: moody, anxious and accompanied by constant muttered complaints

(The Brothers also double as a number of other key roles)

Patrician             The leader of the city. A man not to be messed with, but not the baddie. Very smart, Clever man. 

Urdo Van Pew             He is the President of the Thieves' Guild. Gets arrested by Carrot for being a thief, and doesn’t take it well. A stern man.

Death             As old as the death of the first living thing, is the anthropomorphic personification of death on the Discworld. He appears as the traditional Grim Reaper, with a skeletal body, a black robe and a scythe. Tall, not what you'd call fleshy. Death is a 7-foot-tall (but theatre trickery is wonderful!) skeleton with blue eyes and big scythe, and a very sinister deep voice (think Christopher Lee). Rides a horse called Binky. Loves cats and curry.

Dibbler             Weaselly. Dibbler always manages to make a living by selling sausages to people who have gotten sick from his sausages before. This demonstrates that he is a very good salesman. Dibbler's nickname CMOT comes from his claims along the lines of "selling this at such a low price that it's cutting me own throat". Bit of a “Del Boy”. Always trying to flog something, that is usually worthless. Con merchant.


For more information please contact Keya or Paul through Facebook messenger or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be My Baby Audition Notice

Audition Date- Sunday 18th March 2018 

Audition Time- 10am

Written by Amanda Whittington                                                    

Directed by Rebecca Dickinson                                                                    

The Production dates:

Monday 11th June -Saturday 16th June 2018 inclusive

Please ensure you are available for all dates (including the week before for dress rehearsals) before auditioning.

The Storyline:

The central character of this play a 19-year-old girl called Mary. Her mother (Mrs. Adams) discovers that Mary is seven months pregnant and sends her to a religious mother-baby home. Other pregnant girls staying at the home are Queenie, Norma and Dolores. Queenie is a street-smart girl with a past; Dolores is a dreamer, whilst Norma is not very bright. Each of them is forced to come to terms with their pregnancy, and through the time that they spend at the home, not only do they learn a little bit about pregnancy but the four girls also become great friends, bonding over songs by The Ronettes and The Dixie Cups. 

The Cast (all female). Please note ages are that of the character – anyone over 16 can audition.

Mary, 19

Initially quiet and shy but grows in confidence. A dreamer. Must be able to sing in tune.*

Approx. 350 lines

Dolores, 17

Not very bright. Does not fully understand her situation. Dreams of a future with her baby.*

Approx. 150 lines

Norma, 20

Naïve and vulnerable. Must be able to show a range of emotions including distress from hallucinations. *

Approx. 90 lines

Queenie, 20

Street-smart with a past. Aspires to be a singer one day. Bold and witty character.*

Approx. 240 lines

Mrs Adams, 35+

Mother to Mary. Anxious and timid lady who just wants the best for her daughter.

Approx. 120 lines

Matron, 40+

Matron of St Saviour’s. Firm but fair matron to the girls with a softer side seen at times.

Approx. 230 lines


*For those auditioning for Mary, Dolores, Norma or Queenie, you will be required to sing the first verse and chorus of either Be My Baby, The Ronettes, or Chapel of Love, The Dixie Cups.

For more information and to express your interest please contact Rebecca Dickinson via Facebook, on 07521 977707 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CADOS presents

‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’

Writer/Director Mark Jones
Producer Rebecca Dickinson
Auditions on Sunday 26th November 2017 – 10am-12pm at Chorley Little Theatre
The Performances
Mon 19-Sat 24 February 2018 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre
The Rehearsals
Tuesdays (8-10pm), Fridays (8-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.
This Play
After solving the mystery of a supernatural Hound in 2013, and killing off Moriarty in 2015, the great detective Sherlock Holmes returns to unravel a dark web of murder, robbery, and bribery that threatens the whole world. We last saw Holmes plunging to his death over the Reichenbach Falls, and now he is back - much to the surprise of Watson. How did he survive?
Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories this witty, vibrant and thrilling production brings the tales bang up-to-date as Sherlock tackles his trickiest cases yet. This is the final play in a trilogy that has won NODA Best Play awards for the first two instalments. The best description of the play is Brecht meets Chekov meets Tarantino!
The Director
This will be Mark’s 13th production for CADOS, following on from ‘Our House’ (2017), ‘Pals’ (2016), ‘The Final Problem’ (2015) ‘Breaking the Code’ (2014); ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ (2013), ‘Memory of Water’; ‘Oliver Twist’ (both 2011), ‘Blood Brothers’ (2010) ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2007), ‘Amadeus’, ‘Half a Sixpence’ (both 2005) and ‘Great Expectations’ (2004).
The Auditions - Interested?
There is no preparation to do before the audition – audition pieces will be handed out on the day.
The Roles – Already cast
The following will be repeating their roles from ‘The Final Problem’:-
Sherlock Holmes – Dave Reid;
John Watson – Danny Almond;
Mrs Hudson – Siobhan Edge.
Other Roles….
Inspector Hopkins (F) Age 30 + Appears in 4 major scenes. Looking for someone who has good dramatic acting skills
Adeline (F) Age 30 + Appears in 4 major scenes.
She looks like Lauren Bacall in ‘To Have and Have not’. She is the victim, turned murderer and is head of ‘The Vindicta Virgins’. A key role – need a good dramatic actress.
The following actors/actresses will play multiple roles. Looking for 2 Males and 2 Females who can create and build different characters, each one different in terms of voice, age and style. Versatility is a key requirement. Ideally (but don’t be put off on this) looking for 1 Male/1 Female 40+ and 1 Male/1 Female 20+. Each male will play 7 characters. Each female will play 3 characters. As a minimum – for the roles below - must be 20+
French Man in a bar 1
French Man in a bar 2
Sebastian Moran.
Detective 3
The Duke of Mackleton
Ruben Hayes
Charles MIlverton
Alex Overton
Lord Brackenstall
Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2
The Foreign Secretary
Simon Milverton
A Bloodied Man
Detective 1
Detective 2
Lady Brackenstall
Vindicta Virgin 1
Vindicta Virgin 2
The Prime Minister
If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact the Director – Mark Jones on - 07877 111 248