I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

Book and Lyrics by Jo DiPietro

Music by Jimmy Roberts

Directed by Paul Carr

Musical Direction by Wayne Oakes


Sunday 27th January - 1pm at Chorley Little Theatre

The Performances

Wed 8 -Sat 11 May 2013 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre

The Rehearsals:

Rehearsals will probably be on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7.30-10pm) but a full rehearsal schedule will be arranged to suit everyone once the play has been cast.

The Show

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change is a musical comedy about the need to connect with another human being. Over its 23 songs arranged in a revue style the audience is taken on a hilarious yet poignant view of the modern relationship, from the perils and pitfalls of the first date through to marriage, children and the twilight years of life. From age 30 and still single to having to date again at age 70, the show reflects the situations that everyone faces in day to day life as we find the one perfect person we want to spend the rest of our life with and then spend the rest of our life trying to change them!


The show features 2 male and 2 female actors who between them play some 58 characters. The characters are aged 30 to 70 with actors between the ages of around 25-40. All four need to be extremely good vocal artists as the songs feature lots of close harmonies, acappella singing and quite a wide vocal range. For the female singers there is one soprano range (low A to top Bb) and one alto range (low F# to Db). The male parts are both baritone / tenor ranges (middle C to high G#). This is not a sing for the faint hearted and an ability to follow (if not read) music would be anticipated.

The many characters which are portrayed cover ages from 30 to 70, and a wide variety of characters such as soppy parents, quarrelling lovers, egotistical one-night stands and elderly romantics.


At the auditions we will be asking everyone to sing a number from the show (“I Will be Loved Tonight” for the female roles and “Shouldn’t I be Less in Love” for the male roles) – we suggest that these are prepared before you audition by contacting Paul on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be sent a copy of the sheet music, backing track and guide track so you can learn the songs before you audition.

We will also be teaching you a short acappella extract from the show during the course of the audition and this will be performed in small groups to get a feel for how the balance of voices will sound.

Finally there will be short extracts given to auditionees on the day to look at the ability to portray the range of characters which appear throughout the show.

If you want more information or to get the audition songs please contact Paul on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



CADOS Present

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Written and Directed by Mark Jones

Producer Rebecca Dickinson

AUDITION NOTICE for the roles of Sherlock Holmes & John Watson

Sunday 20th January - 2pm at Chorley Little Theatre


The Performances

Mon 27-Sat 22 June 2013 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre


The Rehearsals:

Tuesdays (7.30-10pm), Fridays (7.30-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.


The Play

Based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, my version of ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ is set in modern day – in June 2013. The play follows the main plot line of the original novel but has a modern twist. Opening at the end of their last adventure, Sherlock is angry with John Watson who has announced that he is to be married and therefore will no longer be able to partner him on future adventures. Sherlock descends into a drug fuelled existence until his next client – Dr Mortimer - enters 221B Baker Street. Mortimer informs Holmes about the recent death of Charles Baskerville who died at the hands of a ‘gigantic’ hound. Mortimer insists a supernatural cause for the death. Sherlock dismisses this and insists that it will be a natural cause. Mortimer will escort Henry Baskerville, the heir to Baskerville Hall, back to his new home. Mortimer served with Watson in the gulf. Sherlock uses their friendship to entice Watson onto this new case. In taking the case Sherlock dispatches Watson to look after Henry on his journey to Baskerville Hall. At the house, we meet the Barrymores and the Stapletons; and Watson is confronted with strange supernatural ‘goings-on’. Sherlock appears at the house and after initial investigations insists on going out onto the moor to find the hound.... which he does .... and suffers a temporary mental breakdown on seeing the ‘gigantic’ hound! His very existence is challenged as he faces the prospect of having to accept that the supernatural may be at play. Slowly he recovers his determination to disprove the supernatural notion. In true Sherlock style he wraps up the case with the conclusion that it is not a ‘Hound’, but greed and money which are gigantic! At the end he returns to 221B, makes his peace with Watson by giving his blessing to his future wedding, but then returns to a drug fuelled state which reveals the figure of Professor James Moriarty, who has haunted him throughout the case. This is a play about beliefs being challenged. A question of the supernatural versus the natural; about love and loss; about the challenge of the norm and most of all about what is real and what is imaginary. Elementary!!


This CADOS production : This audition is for those interested in playing either Sherlock Holmes or John Watson. The audition for the rest of the cast will take place on Sunday 3rd March 2013 at 12pm. Full details of that audition to follow.  I want to cast Holmes and Watson early – ahead of others, as it will help me to complete the script knowing who will be playing the leads, it will also allow the opportunity for some improvisation of scenes (during Feb) and also there will be a need to undertake some filming during Feb/March which will be used in the final production. Rehearsals of the full cast will start from 8th March 2013.

Note – if you do not get cast as Sherlock or Watson it will not prevent you from auditioning again on 3rd March for one of the other parts.


The Director

This will be my 8th production for CADOS, following on from ‘Memory of Water’; ‘Oliver Twist’ (both 2011), ‘Blood Brothers’ (2010) ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2007), ‘Amadeus’, ‘Half a Sixpence’ (both 2005) and ‘Great Expectations’ (2004).


The Auditions - Interested?


At the audition you will be asked to improvise a scene between Holmes and Watson – no preparation required. Following this you will be invited to perform the audition piece (below) – you do not need to learn the lines, however, a depiction of your ‘take’ on the character would be required.





Age Range


Sherlock Holmes



30 something


Late 40’s/early 50s



In the novel Sherlock is aged late 40s/Early 50s... at this stage I have not decided whether to cast at this age or someone aged 30s – I will decide depending on who turns up at the audition.

My take on Sherlock..... A complex character who I see as ......Sarcastic, arrogant, annoying and yet supremely talented and  ..... usually right! His OCD and brilliance outshines his negative qualities. However, he is plagued by the ordinariness of the world and when not solving a case uses drugs to escape into another world. He is quick talking, pensive yet eccentric..... easy part then!


Dr John Watson




I will definitely be casting Watson as 25-35.

In Sherlock’s shadow Watson appears a mere mortal. Yet it is Watson who keeps Holmes grounded and allows him to shine. They are the perfect double act and my Watson adds more to the solution/conclusion than other depictions would have you believe. He constantly bickers with Sherlock – like an old married couple.

About to be married to Miss Morstan, with whom he is madly in love with, he is nonetheless drawn to his partner in crime.


If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact either Mark on 0787 7111248 or via the "Submissions" form on this site.)



Audition Piece


The Hound of the Baskervilles

Act One

Scene One

Music – Placebo – ‘Running up that Hill’

Curtains open.

Lights up quickly.  Two men standing. A red light bulb in the centre of the room swings from side to side. The men stand - off centre of the light, silhouetted. They have their backs to the audience; the smaller of the two (Dr John Watson) stands behind the other (Sherlock Holmes). The back wall is splattered with blood. Four body bags are situated at the back. The two men are looking at the corpses.

Watson: Well there.  An end to our little drama.

(Long Pause)

Watson: I fear that it may be our last investigation in which I shall have the chance of working with you.

Sherlock: There’ll be others.

Watson: (nervous cough) Miss Morstan has done me the honour of accepting my wedding proposal.

Sherlock: There’ll be others!

Watson: (annoyed) Have you any reason to be dissatisfied with my choice?

Sherlock: It is not about choice!

Watson: This is so intolerable. Why are you being like this?

Sherlock: I am ..... what I am!


Watson: Look. I have my own life.... to lead.

Sherlock: I know.

Long Pause

Sherlock: And so do I!

Watson: I feel bad.

Sherlock: Why?

Watson: I have got a wife out of this case. What do you get?

Slight Pause.

Sherlock: For me, there will always remain ....... the cocaine-bottle.

Watson: Well that’s not good is it!

Sherlock: It’s about choice!


Watson: How did you do it?

Sherlock: How did I do what?

Watson: How did you solve this?

Sherlock: Elementary.

Watson: No not elementary. It wasn’t elementary to me. How did you do it?

Sherlock: (turns to face him) How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

Watson: (shaking head) I don’t understand it all.

Sherlock: I know you don’t! And that is what separates us and explains why you are only Dr John Watson and I .... am Sherlock Holmes...

Music - Plan B – ‘Ill Manors’ – he walks forward. A single light catches him as he plays a fake violin. On cue from the song he claps his hands. Lights out.

Film – Holmes and Watson – together , filmed on various previous adventures; dissolving into titles for the play; at the end of which, lights up on 221B Baker Street


Scene Two.......... (coming soon to a stage near you........!)


CADOS Present

The Elephant Man

Written by Bernard Pomerance

Director Dave Reid

Producer Mark Jones


Sunday 29th July - 3pm at Chorley Little Theatre

The Performances

Mon 22-Sat 27th October 2012 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre


The Rehearsals:

Sundays (12-4pm); Wednesdays (7.30-10pm) and in later stages Fridays (7.30-10pm) – a full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.


The Play

The Elephant Man is a 1977 play by Bernard Pomerance, which premiered in London in 1979 with David Bowie in the lead role. In 1980 David Lynch directed the film version, which starred John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins (although it was not based on this play). The play chronicles the true story of John Merrick, treated first as a fairground freak because of his hideously deformed body and later exploited by Victorian society. As a carnival attraction, Merrick is known only as ‘The Elephant Man’.


This CADOS production : Will be an ensemble performance requiring 12 to 13 performers who are ready and able to play a variety of roles ranging from hospital staff and patients,  into passers-by on a London street, into members of the aristocracy – all changing in a matter of seconds. There are only two consistent roles: that of John Merrick (The Elephant Man) and Frederick Treves, the doctor who, on the surface, helps “The Elephant Man” but at the same time benefits by his association with him.  There will be no make-up or special effects to depict the Elephant Man. The key concept behind this production is that it is not Merrick that is deformed, but the people who use, abuse or benefit by their association with him. This will require the eponymous character to be played totally neutral, with the ensemble cast having various degrees of ‘deformity’. Anyone willing to audition must be prepared to take part in a range of workshop rehearsals and to be prepared to experiment with vocal and physical actions.

This highly stylised and emotional play will require strong and flexible acting skills, which you will either turn up with or they will be developed during the rehearsal process. It will be an original production and, hopefully, a new venture for CADOS.


The Director

Dave is no stranger to the Chorley Little Theatre stage, having played Pip in ‘Great Expectations’; Salieri in ‘Amadeus’ and Oberon in ‘A Mid-summer Nights Dream’. A Senior Lecturer in Drama, Dave is no stranger to directing, he has directed many productions. However this will be his directorial debut for CADOS. He has promised that this production will be exciting and innovative.


The Auditions - Interested?

There is no preparation required pre-audition. For anyone aiming to play either Merrick or Treves (these roles have a massive amounts of lines) audition pieces will be given out at the audition. Anyone interested in the ensemble roles will take part in a workshop audition. Please note you must be 16+ to audition for this production.




Age Range


Dr Frederick Treves



Surprisingly, the central character in the play. A man with ambition but also with an overwhelming sense of guilt at how he makes his achievements. This role has a huge amount of lines and will require some physical flexibility.

John Merrick (The Elephant Man)



The eponymous character who is supposed to be hideously disfigured. This production requires an actor who is able to be totally honest, open and physically un-deformed (if that makes sense!) No make up or physical effects will be used in the portrayal of this role.

Mrs Kendal*



A famous actress – the most challenging female role, must be able to play the ‘actress’ and also the human underneath.

Mr Carr-Gomm*



In charge of the London Hospital. Employer of Frederick Treves and the man who allows the Elephant Man to stay at the hospital. Why? Because he knows it will be good publicity. A manipulator and corrupt – but with humanity.




Written as one character, this production will use two actors to play the role, interchanging lines and working almost as if they were Siamese twins. These roles will require the ability to be physically and vocally flexible.

Other Ensemble Roles:


Belgian Freaks

Their manager

Belgian Policeman

London Policeman

Conductor of ferry





Princess Alexandra

Lord John

Nurse Sandwich

*denotes ensemble character


If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact either Mark on 0787 7111248 or via the "Submissions" form on this site.)



Audition Notice

TWO -by Jim Cartwright

Directed by Sean Duxbury

Auditions on Sunday 4th November, 2pm at Chorley Little Theatre

Production dates are - Monday 22 April 2013 - Saturday 27 April 2013

'Jim Cartwright’s ‘two-handed’ play ‘Two’ presents a microcosm of working-class life in a Northern pub in the 80’s; a place of failed aspirations and unfulfilled dreams.

It’s main characters, the Landlord and Landlady are constantly at extremes with each other; he the hands on money-in-till manager, she the gossipy heart of the bar, their façade ultimately cracks when a young boy in search of his missing dad appears and they are forced to face the loss of their child years before. Along the way to their moving admissions of guilt and loss we witness a variety of characters; Fred and Alice, a lumpy loveable couple, acceptant of their lot in life and protective of each other. In contrast Roy, inadequate about his manliness, bullies Leslie into never-win situations. An Old Lady who wonders, after rewarding herself after another day of caring for her invalid husband, when it will all end is juxtaposed with the quiet Old Man who is content that his dead wife’s spirit is with him. We see a failing Romeo (Moth) and how his pathetic attempts with the women backfires leaving his girlfriend (Maude) suddenly holding all the cards, Likewise a Women fed up of being the mistress drunkenly decides to show her hand to her lover’s wife whilst the odd-match up of Mr & Mrs Iger ultimately prove their dependence on each other.


All life is present in this pub, it is where people celebrate and mourn and we witness their weaknesses and strengths as well as their heart and spirit.

In total there are 14 characters in the play but all are played by just two actors (one male, one female).  The total list of characters are:

Landlord’ Landlady, Old Woman, Old Man, Moth, Maudie, Mr Iger, Mrs Iger, Roy, Lesley, Fred, Alice, The ‘Other’ Woman, Young Boy

The audition will be done on the same day and at the same time as the audition for ‘KES’ which is being directed by Danny Price.  For the first hour of the audition Danny will be leading a workshop that I would like anyone who is considering auditioning for TWO to attend.

After the workshop I would like to hear people read set pieces from the script.


To audition for the male characters I would like to hear the Landlord’s opening speech, and also the ‘Old Man’s’ speech.

The audition for the female characters will be the Landlady’s opening speech and also the ‘Old Woman’s’ speech

What I am looking for is sincerity, so please do not try to emulate an old man’s or old woman’s voice, just read everything using your normal voice, but focus on the emotions of the characters.

These are lengthy pieces so it is very important that you study them before the audition.  I have scripts available if anyone wants to contact me either by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on my mobile (07976 111209)

Rehearsal will start fairly soon after the audition.  There will be minimal costume changes throughout this production, so the actors will need to be able to move from one character to another simply through their actions and body language.  This will provide an exciting challenge for the actors cast in the parts, and I want to ensure we have plenty of time to explore the characters and their relationship with each other.

Audition Notice

An Evening With Gary Lineker

Monday 18th - Saturday 23rd June (7.30pm)

By Arthur Smith & Chris England
Directed By Sean Duxbury

This comedy tells the tale of a group of holiday makers in Spain trying to enjoy their holiday, romances and affairs against the backdrop of the 1990 World Cup. It focuses on one match in particular – the semi-final between England and Germany and the group who have assembled in the hotel room to watch it. As the drama develops on the pitch, more develops off the pitch as the various couples slowly reveal the truth about their relationships all the way through to the penalty shoot out.


Monica – Age - late 20’s – late 30’s

The long suffering wife of Bill.

Bill - Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Football obsessed – he lives his life for the next match and nothing is more important than at this moment in time but England vs Germany

Ian - Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Bill’s ex-work colleague.  He does not understand how anyone can be so passionate about a game as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his job.

Birgitta - Age – early late 20’s

The local German holiday rep.  This is her last summer as a single girl.  No German accent required – her accent should be quite neutral.

Dan – Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Best selling travel author and basically a ‘lad’.


The audition will be held at the theatre on Sunday 22 April at 2:30.

Unfortunately audition pieces will not be available until the audition,   but actors will be given an opportunity to study the pieces before being asked to read.

For any further information please contact Sean on 07976 111209 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.