Blithe Spirit Audition Notice

Audition Date: Sunday 6th November, 11am - Chorley Little Theatre
Performance Dates: Monday 27th February - Saturday 3rd March 2012, 7.30pm

Written by Noel Coward

Directed by Wyn Tootell and Andrew Kidd


Successful novelist Charles Condomine wishes to learn more about the occult for a novel he’s writing, so hires eccentric medium Madame Arcati to hold a seance at his English manor house. But she inadvertently summons Charles’ first wife, Elvira, who only he can see. Elvira is upset that Charles has remarried (to Ruth) and makes repeated attempts to break them up  by any means necessary.

This is a classic comedy set in the 1940s, and featuring ghostly goings-on with onstage effects. Requires good comic timing all round.


Charles Condomine 35-40 years (male)

A successful writer, comfortably in his second marriage. Bright and sophisticated, with physical humour required


Ruth Condomine 30-35 years (female)

Charles’ reserved second wife. Smart but can get high-strung and jealous


Elvira 20 - 25 years (female)

Charles’ first wife, she’s a sexy, beautiful spoilt brat with a wicked sense of humour.


Edith Young(ish) (female)

Energetic Cockney maid who’s not the brightest person in the world.


Dr Bradman 50+ (ish) (male)

Good-natured, skeptical friend of Charles. Thinks he’s funny.


Mrs Bradman 50+ (ish) (female)

Staid, pedestrian wife of Dr Bradman, and a bit gullible


Madam Arcati 40 - 60 years (female)

Colourful, eccentric medium who dresses like a Gypsy. Can be any race/nationality as long as she believes in the supernatural


Further details please contact Andrew Kidd 07702 703690

Audition Pieces available on the day. Open to all, but successful applicants have to join CADOS for the show