ACTING AUDITION NOTICE (Dancers - see below)

Sunday 25th September - 11am (10.30am registration)

Venue: Chorley Little Theatre

Performance Dates: 9th - 17th December (not Mon 12th), matinees on Sat 10th, Sun 11th and Sat 17th Dec


Written by Stephen Duckham

Directed by Ian Robinson

Producer: Lindsey Dickinson

Choreographer: Rebecca Dickinson

Musical Director: Paul Carr

This is a traditional pantomime with lots of corny jokes, audience interaction, songs and a bit of dancing. Actors should be good at telling jokes and also able to adlib if required. There’ll be room for hamming it up, but the adventure should be played as real.


Robin Hood (female) - the star of the show - fast, funny and quick-witted, a strong, determined character. Singing required.

Maid Marion (female) - Ward of the Sheriff, the female lead, smart and feisty. Singing required.

Sir Silas Skinflint (male) - Sheriff of Nottingham - the villain! Prepared to be dastardly and for small children  to hate them. Singing required (but not at audition).

Floggem & Whippem - the Sheriff’s guards - a comedy double act with a bit of slapstick. Singing required.

Nurse Jemima Jollop (male) - Typical Dame character. Singing required (but not at audition).

John & Edward (teen males)- “The Boys” - based on Jedward, so passable Irish accent but, like Jedward themselves, no singing required.

Greenwillow (female) - Magical character, the good fairy, she is required to help tell the story.

Village Woman (female) Rabble-rousing villager. Singing required.

A Ghost, A Skeleton - slapstick performers

Headless Nick (male) - ghost creature.

King Richard (older male) – A typical pantomime King

The Merry Men (male or female) - Tuck

- Will Scarlet

- Alan-A-Dale

- Little John (male) - tall and imposing

Chorus: Villagers, Merry Men, Guards


Audition pieces will be given out on the day of audition. Scripts can be emailed in advance if you wish, please contact Ian for details.

For those characters required to sing in the show, you may be asked to sing at audition, so please bring along a CD/memory stick with a backing track.


Rehearsals from 26th September, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Sundays (you may not be required to be at every rehearsal).

Some people may also be required at Chorley Christmas Lights Switch-on Thursday 24th November and for various publicity duties


For further information, please ring Ian Robinson, 07984 794163


Contact us for more info



Dancing audition

Dancers aged 8* and over wanted to form two groups, Juniors and Seniors to dance, act and sing in this year’s Pantomime - Robin Hood!

Date: Sunday 18th September

Registration 11am to start at 11.30am (aim to finish by 2pm)

Venue: Chorley Little Theatre

If you are under 16 a parent or guardian will need to be present throughout the audition day.

Dancers will be required to learn a short dance taught on the day of audition before performing in small groups. Formal training in either Ballet or Modern-Jazz is required for all those who wish to audition. Successful dancers will be informed after the acting auditions (see above).

All dancers must be available to perform at all 10 shows and remain throughout the performance each night or matinee.

For any further details please contact Rebecca Dickinson, Choreographer on 07885 973918 or 01257 230296.

Hope to see you there!

Rebecca! xx

* some candidates may be considered if under the age of 8 if ability is of a high standard