Sunday March 10th 2019

Chorley Little Theatre 1.30pm

A Bunch of Amateurs

Written by Nick Newman & Ian Hislop

Directed by Barbara Wilcox

Monday 17th June – Saturday 22nd June

A fading Hollywood star, Jefferson Steele is duped by his exasperated Agent to perform King Lear in Stratford, England.

Steele assumes this is the Royal Shakespeare Company.

It is actually a small Amateurs dramatics group in a sleepy Suffolk village.

‘5 Stars – “terrific comedy packed with killer comic dialogue…plenty of twists and turns – Whatson stage.’


Jefferson Steele
50 something. Insecure, brash, rude, ultimately aware of his own absurdity.
(Must have very good American accent).

Dorothy Nettle
40 something. Director of the Stratford Players and the moving force behind keeping the theatre alive. Her sweet and accommodating manner conceals her inner steel.

Jessica Steele
Late teens/early 20’ Jefferson’s daughter who has been neglected by her Hollywood star father and now wants to make him pay for it. (American Accent)

Nigel Dewbury
50/60ish Solicitor and leading light of the Stratford Players.
Pompous, stuck up and self-regarding, he believes he is the star of the show and should play all the leading roles.
He also fancies his romantic chances with Dorothy. (Very well spoken RP)

Mary Plunkett
50 + Owner of the Rectory bed and breakfast. Jolly, generous and unashamedly adoring Jefferson Steele fan- although somewhat confused about which roles he played in his films, and how keen he is on her.

Dennis Dobbins
40+ Handyman and village Mr. Fix it. Slightly dull, Dennis is star struck by Jefferson and fancies heading up his entourage of one.

Lauren Bell
30+ Marketing executive.
Former physiotherapist and the sponsor’s wife.
Passionate about the arts and smarter than her husband allows her to be.
She is treated as a bimbo because of her looks.

At the audition

I will bring the set pieces, which you will have time to read with a cuppa – tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Please have a look at your calendars for any holidays/special events you would need to take from rehearsals (especially week of 17th – 22nd June) I would also be looking for full cast availability the week before opening please.

I love this script, can’t wait to bring it to life.

Anything you need to know? Email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Look forward to seeing you there

Barb xx