‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ by Dario Fo

Directed by Robert Walsh

Production Dates – 25thFebruary 2019 – 2ndMarch 2019, curtain up 7:30pm each night.

Date and time of audition – 28thOctober 2018, 10am-1pm

Set in Milan, the play satirises the story of an anarchist railway worker who ‘accidentally’ fell to his death from a police headquarters building in 1969. It is a political farce. It was extremely successful in Italy and translated and performed around the world. But most importantly…it is very, VERY funny!

The success of the play is extremely dependent on having actors in every role that are strong comedic performers. They need to be able to improvise and find comedy through instinct. Therefore, the audition will be split into two parts. No preparation is needed, just show up and give it a go!

Part 1: A short group workshop session that will consist of quick warm-up improvisational games and small group work. I want my actors to feel comfortable working and collaborating with each other and this will allow me to see these vital qualities in action!

Part 2: Individual or group reading of sections from the play, which will be provided on the day. You’ll be given time to rehearse these scenes before performing. You may be asked to read more than one scene and be put into different groups so I can see who works best together.

In the original script there are 5 male roles and 1 female role. However, I feel that a female actor could play some of the ‘male’ roles. Age ranges are an approximation; as long as you are over 16 years old and have left high school feel free to give it a go! I am looking for the best comedic performers, not who ‘fits’ the original character descriptions. In terms of accents, a neutral, RP or your own accent is fine, as while the setting is Italy we won’t be replicating the dialect. 

The part



Short character description and auditionee notes.



M or F

A literal Manic! Needs an experienced, quality performer for a demanding role.




Uptight, has a temper. Appears in the first and last scenes of the play.



M or F

Highly strung and frustrated, loves him/herself.




An intimidating presence with an explosive temper when angered.  



M or F

Minimal dialogue but a constant presence. Needs a quality physical comedy performer.




Portrayed as a stereotypical ‘Femme Fatale’. Appears towards the last scene of the play.



There will be a read-thru shortly after the audition. Rehearsals will be once a week during 2018 on a weekday evening. Once we hit the turn of the year, there will be three rehearsals per week on weekdayevenings.  Then, closer to the run of the show, there may be a requirement for an additional rehearsal on a Sunday morning/afternoonup until the run of the show. All rehearsals will be scheduled with cast availability in mind. A full rehearsal schedule will be provided at the initial read-thru.

For more information, contact me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Do you like theatre? Do you like comedy? Do you have a general disregard for the establishment? Then you may enjoy this ruddy good farcical comedy thing if you said yes to some of what I wrote!

Hi, I’m known as Manic! The director was too lazy to write a blurb so he let the main character do it instead. Set in 1969 Milan, this daft little play by Dario Fo is a romantic escapade about a master of disguise and all round genius, that is me referring to myself by the way, and the longings of the fascist police bourgeois who want to be taught a lesson! The master of disguise/genius takes advantage of the police vulnerabilities during a time of controversy! Apparently, people accidently fall out of police headquarters windows now. So, who is better to sort this accident-gate scenario than the most qualified person in Italy…a certified lunatic!

Tickets are available by paying with money. Seats are provided. Free foot massages are provided. One of those may be a fib…don’t ask me which, I’m not sure myself! 

Kind regards,


A.K.A. Professor Antonio Rabbia, Psychiatrist. Formerly, Lecturer at the University of Padua.