FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME by Terry Wynn. Directed by Steve Unsworth

Auditions: Sunday 24th June, 11am - 1pm (registration from 10.30am)

Production: Monday 15th - Saturday 20th October

Message from the director: Although the theme appears to be heavily rugby based, it isn’t really; it’s a play about community, social injustice, belief and values – it’s very human... there’s not a rugby move in sight! Although I have my own clear ideas, I want to encourage an ensemble piece where we all have ownership, where the actors (where possible) provide the music, manage the scene changes, and so on. Rehearsals are to be negotiated once the cast are in place. Any questions.....drop me a line or give me a ring

The Play A new play, laced with Northern wit, about sporting apartheid in the North of England. Set in the period from 1980 to 1995 it shows how a young man is prevented from playing for his club team because he has played another sport. It displays the prejudice of the Rugby Football Union to those who played Rugby League and as time moves on shows the fight to beat this attitude of Twickenham’s “Old Farts”. Some of the dialogue is taken from the book "Rugby's Class War" by David Hinchliffe, one of the MPs who were prominent in creating the environment that led the RFU to make changes to their discriminatory rules that had been enshrined for 100 years.

The cast:

Jason, whom the story revolves around. At University in York, where he has gained his LL.B and is now studying for his Law Society Finals. Plays fly half for a top Yorkshire Rugby Union club. Age 22 in 1980

Doreen, his mother, typical Wiganer, always ready to speak her mind. Recently widowed, matey with Vera and they follow Wigan Rugby League team.

Vera, her pal, strong northern woman, same age as Doreen, early forties in 1980.

Kathleen, On the opposite side of the fence to Doreen and Vera when it comes to church politics, and politics in general as she is also a committed Conservative. She is also the church organist and a St Helens supporter.

Derek, the Minister of the church. In 1980 he is a young, lively, bloke-next-door type. Wears jeans, short sleeved clerical shirt and clerical collar. Becoming more conservatively dressed as the years pass. Not local to Wigan, originating from the Wirral. Knows nothing about rugby of any kind. He leads a lively congregation, keen on singing and has a good choir. Unfortunately he is saddled with an ageing building that is in desperate need of costly repairs.

Peter, the church caretaker and resident cynic, except when it comes to Rugby League. Speaks with a broad Wigan accent. Age 50ish in 1980. This character has some of the wittiest lines and is well featured in the play.

George, the rugby prop forward who always leads the singing in the changing rooms. Lawyer but rough as a badgers bum. Middle class Yorkshire man. Age 30 in 1980. Sings quite a lot and is a central character.

Simon, at 19 the youngest member of the rugby team, well educated but naïve in the politics of the club. Only appears in first half.

The Coach, in his 50’s, tough and ruthless. Only appears in scene 6.

Roger Stott MP. Only appears in the second half. Age mid 30’s in 1980.

Gerald Kauffman MP, the chairman of the House of Commons Hearing. Only appears in scene 12. Depending on cast availability this could be played by The Coach.

Four Witnesses at the hearing in scene 12; depending on cast availability could be played by the Simon, George, Derek and Peter cast members.

Please note: It is envisaged that all cast members can sing (please prepare to sing ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘Jerusalem’ for audition)

For a copy of the script please email Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he’ll send an electronic copy. He can also be contacted on 07758243651 or on Facebook/Messenger

Probable Audition sections

Doreen – speech p110-111
Kathleen – mono p 60
Jason/George/Simon – p 18 – 20
Peter – 75 – 76 (re comic timing)
Derek/Peter – p 6/7......add Doreen/Vera/Kathleen p 7-9

Vera/Doreen/Derek/Kathleen/Peter – p38 – 42
Simon/George/Derek/Peter/Coach – ability to play a witness in last scene change of vocal and physicality needed – for audition all will present p 111 Witness 4 speech