LAST TANGO IN WHITBY by Mike Harding. Directed by Kath Ashworth

Auditions: Sunday 1st July, 11am - 1pm

Production: Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th September

Rehearsals: start in July - Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Sundays later in August. All speaking cast must be available the two dress rehearsals. If you have limited available time for rehearsals please think before you audition

Written by Mike Hardy and first produced in 1990. It tells the story of the annual trip of a group of 50+ mainly senior citizens to spend a weekend in a hotel in Whitby. They all seem to be good friends and have been coming and enjoying this trip for a few years. The party consists of couples and single people, mainly women. This year is quite sad as Pat a regular has recently been widowed and is trying to make the best of this weekend. On arriving at the hotel we find the entertainment is provided by Phil and Edna a couple in a seemingly loveless marriage, and Pat’s weekend takes an unexpected turn when Cupid arrives in Whitby. Her friends however are not happy with the unfolding events.

All principle characters are in the 50+ age group and are a lively group of characters some singing and dancing is involved, but nothing too strenuous.

There are a group of 9 principle characters. 3 Males and 6 Females but I would like about 4 extra cast members who will be extras and help with some scene changing.

KATHLEEN: Can be bossy and opinionated.
JOAN: Jimmy’s wife can be a bit saucy and loud.
MAUREEN: Opinionated and can be a bit old fashioned in her attitude will double up as Mrs Mingham the hotel house keeper.
PAT: Quite sad at first but gets romantic with Phil and blossoms.
JESSIE: Appears to be a bit special but is really quite timid and easily manipulated. However there is a brave soul inside.
EDNA: Phil’s wife in a a marriage that is making he unhappy due to circumstances in the past, not a happy person can be quite curt.
JIMMY: Always seems to be the life and soul of the party in charge of the ale and everyone having a good time. Quite a caring person.
HENRY: A know all always relating his army years and knows everything and is not afraid to offer his” pennyworth”
PHIL: May have been a minor entertainer back in the day. Quite a charismatic character particularly with some of the ladies. Some ballroom dancing needed.

We also need 1 Male 20 to 30 and 2 female cast members 18 to 20 to play several small speaking and non-speaking roles. Come on the audition day to let me know if you are interested. (A kissing cuddling couple will be necessary for two of the roles.)

Contact : Kath Ashworth Director 01204 699156, 07340367005, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can message me on Face Book.

Producer, Barry Ashworth, SM, Jackie Green, Sets by Shaun McManus, Lighting & Sound, Paul Carr
Costume, Sandra Dickinson