CADOS presents

‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes’

Writer/Director Mark Jones
Producer Rebecca Dickinson
Auditions on Sunday 26th November 2017 – 10am-12pm at Chorley Little Theatre
The Performances
Mon 19-Sat 24 February 2018 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre
The Rehearsals
Tuesdays (8-10pm), Fridays (8-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.
This Play
After solving the mystery of a supernatural Hound in 2013, and killing off Moriarty in 2015, the great detective Sherlock Holmes returns to unravel a dark web of murder, robbery, and bribery that threatens the whole world. We last saw Holmes plunging to his death over the Reichenbach Falls, and now he is back - much to the surprise of Watson. How did he survive?
Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories this witty, vibrant and thrilling production brings the tales bang up-to-date as Sherlock tackles his trickiest cases yet. This is the final play in a trilogy that has won NODA Best Play awards for the first two instalments. The best description of the play is Brecht meets Chekov meets Tarantino!
The Director
This will be Mark’s 13th production for CADOS, following on from ‘Our House’ (2017), ‘Pals’ (2016), ‘The Final Problem’ (2015) ‘Breaking the Code’ (2014); ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ (2013), ‘Memory of Water’; ‘Oliver Twist’ (both 2011), ‘Blood Brothers’ (2010) ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (2007), ‘Amadeus’, ‘Half a Sixpence’ (both 2005) and ‘Great Expectations’ (2004).
The Auditions - Interested?
There is no preparation to do before the audition – audition pieces will be handed out on the day.
The Roles – Already cast
The following will be repeating their roles from ‘The Final Problem’:-
Sherlock Holmes – Dave Reid;
John Watson – Danny Almond;
Mrs Hudson – Siobhan Edge.
Other Roles….
Inspector Hopkins (F) Age 30 + Appears in 4 major scenes. Looking for someone who has good dramatic acting skills
Adeline (F) Age 30 + Appears in 4 major scenes.
She looks like Lauren Bacall in ‘To Have and Have not’. She is the victim, turned murderer and is head of ‘The Vindicta Virgins’. A key role – need a good dramatic actress.
The following actors/actresses will play multiple roles. Looking for 2 Males and 2 Females who can create and build different characters, each one different in terms of voice, age and style. Versatility is a key requirement. Ideally (but don’t be put off on this) looking for 1 Male/1 Female 40+ and 1 Male/1 Female 20+. Each male will play 7 characters. Each female will play 3 characters. As a minimum – for the roles below - must be 20+
French Man in a bar 1
French Man in a bar 2
Sebastian Moran.
Detective 3
The Duke of Mackleton
Ruben Hayes
Charles MIlverton
Alex Overton
Lord Brackenstall
Security Guard 1
Security Guard 2
The Foreign Secretary
Simon Milverton
A Bloodied Man
Detective 1
Detective 2
Lady Brackenstall
Vindicta Virgin 1
Vindicta Virgin 2
The Prime Minister
If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact the Director – Mark Jones on - 07877 111 248