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AUDITION NOTICE: “Seasons Greetings” by Alan Ayckbourn.

Production Dates October 23rd to 28th at Chorley Little Theatre, Dole Lane CHORLEY.

Director, Kath Ashworth,   Producer, Barry Ashworth,    SM, Siobhan Edge   ASM, Ceire Edge, 

Audition Dates  Sunday JULY 23rd  10am to 1pm

Audition pieces on the day but if you have a copy of the play contact me for page numbers Contact no 01204 699156 0r 07765365023 or 07430367005.

Rehearsal nights  WED, FRI, LATER SUN.  when cast rehearsals nights can be adapted

Cast Profiles:

Neville Bunker……30s t0 40s. More interested in tinkering with electronics than thinking about his family. Not aware that is wife is not happy.

Belinda Bunker….30 to 40s Attractive bored house wife, feels neglected.

Harvey…..60 to 70 age is definite. Robust pensioner uncle to the Bunkers. Enjoys action films and TV with aggression. Can be blunt and outspoken.

Phyllis… age 30 Plus age flexible but no younger than 30. Neville’s sister. She has a problem with alcohol and it goes on throughout the play. Well-meaning but a liability.

Bernard ….age 30plus flexible. Quiet nervous man a doctor. Long suffering husband of Phyllis who is cares for all the time, well-meaning but boring.

Eddie…. former work colleague of Neville. Age 30 plus. A great fan of Neville also neglecting his family. Tries to emulate Neville.

Pattie ….age late 20s plus. Heavily pregnant long suffering wife of Eddie also feels   neglected a bit whiny.

Rachel…. Age 30 plus older plainer sister of Belinda, a spinster and bookish.

Clive…. Age late 20s to 40. Younger than most of the cast, an author shy and reserved and a little out of his depth. He has been invited by Rachel who has a romantic interest in him which he is not really aware off.

Most ages have some flexibility except for Harvey. The characters are middle class in some ways but they are settled in their family life with their 2-4 children. No particular accents own voices 


The Bunkers always have the Christmas celebrations at their home and this year is no exception. The usual people are there including Bernard’s usual unwanted puppet show. It is a middleclass house hold with all the trimmings, but with some unfulfilled women, oblivious men and children who are never seen or heard but talked about and spoken to during the play. The three days of this Christmas are changed when a good looking interesting young man is invited by Rachel. Some of the ladies in the house have a very different emotionalf three day Christmas celebration this year, thanks to the appearance of Clive. 


Any questions contact Kath or Barry 01204 699156  We could also do with a prompt willing to attend most rehearsals and the week of the show.