Directed by Kate Burke, Produced by Kath Townsend

Performance Dates: Monday 20th- Saturday 25th April 2015

'Our Day Out' is a fantastic and hilarious play with music by Willy Russell. Written in the 70s but as fresh as ever, the audience follows the escapades of the loveable "progress class" and their teachers on a school trip to Conwy Castle. Plenty of sweets and a few zoo animals later, the children and teachers find they have a lot to learn from one another.



Mrs Kay- (F) 35+ : experienced, caring and popular teacher who is in charge of the Progress Class. She is understanding of her pupils' circumstances and strives to make their school lives enjoyable. Liverpudlian/Local accent preferred.

Mr Briggs- (M) 30+ : strict deputy head teacher who prefers the traditional methods of his profession. Order and control of himself and others are of the most importance. His reputation precedes him. Non-local accent.

Colin- (M) 20-30: a young, bright teacher who finds himself feeling very uncomfortable with the levels of attention some of the girls in the class are paying him. A genuinely caring and intelligent man. In a relationship with Susan.

Susan- (F) 20-30: newly qualified teacher. Down to earth, Susan has her head screwed on but is always able to think outside the box to solve problems. Her attractive and bright attitude mean the older boys in the class take particular interest in her, but it doesn't phase her.

Bus Driver- (M) 25+ : a simple, occasionally gullible man who takes his job in transportation very seriously but also has a fun side.

Headteacher- (M/F) 30+ : distrusts the progress class to go on a trip without supervision of Mr Briggs. Very small part, could be multi-rolled if necessary.

Shopkeeper- (F) 40+ : Lady who owns a small business visited by the children. Comedic role, distrustful of school parties and stressed to the hilt.

Zoo Keeper- (M/F) 20+ : Very small potential multi role part.

Les (M) 50+ : "very old, almost blind and can hardly walk" friendly lollipop man, knows the children well.

The audition for adult roles will be on THURSDAY 29th JANUARY at Chorley Little Theatre. Registration will open at 7pm and auditions will begin at 7:30. Audition pieces will be provided. PLEASE PREPARE A SONG of any genre that is no more than 1:30 in length. Extracts of longer songs is fine.


Various school children (M/F) 13-16: the minimum age for auditionees is 11. Anyone who is older than high school age is welcome to come and audition on the basis that they look young enough to be at high school. The children will have a strong local accent.

The youth audition will be on SATURDAY 31ST JANUARY at Chorley Little Theatre. Registration will begin at 10am and the audition will commence at 10:30. Please note if you are under 16 a parent is required to stay for the duration of the audition.


PLEASE PREPARE A SONG of any genre that is no more than 1:30 in length. Extracts of longer songs is fine. You will be split into groups and asked to work on a short scene which will be performed as your acting audition. The script will be provided on the day.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions!