CADOS Present:

Eating Raoul AUDITION

EXTRA Audition: Wednesday 3rd December at 9 Kensington Road, Chorley, PR7 1LU

For details, contact Barry Callander on 07947 874467 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Performance dates: Thursday 7th, Friday 8th, Saturday 9th MAY 2015, 7.30pm


Musical Director – Karl Pendlebury Director – Barry Callander


Choreographer – Mark Haughton


Those wishing to audition will be expected to sing a song of their own choice.

Hear samples of the songs at the Samuel French website:


Eating Raoul is a twisted tale of the American dream. Based on the 1982 cult-classic film, Mary and Paul Bland want to open a restaurant and go to extreme lengths to make their dream a reality. In a desperate and murderous effort to obtain cash, the Blands lure swingers into their apartment, snatch their money and kill them. As the cash pile grows, so does the pile of dead bodies. Devious janitor Raoul offers a solution for a cut of profit. But can this partnership continue for long?

Hailed as "the most entertaining musical about sex and cannibalism around" by Back Stage West and "Fun" by the Los Angeles Times, Eating Raoul explores the journey to the American dream in a uniquely homicidal way. The show opened off-Broadway in 1992 with a book by Paul Bartel and music and lyrics by Jed Feuer and Boyd Graham.


Principal Characters (ages 20-40ish)

Mary Bland – very pretty, unconsciously sexy in a naïve sort of way.

Paul Bland – prematurely balding, somewhat overweight and hopelessly square but sincere, tenacious and loveable.

Raoul – a sexy young Latino with a weakness for girls and a talent to match his ego.


Company (ages 20-60ish)

Other characters (played by members of the company, doubling-up possible)

The Raoulettes (Gladys and Inez) – two knockout, if slightly sluttish, young chicas. All boobs, butt and tongue.

Donna the Dominatrix – a kinky bundle of energy with a voice as big as all outdoors; at home a sweet young housewife and mother.

Dr Doberman – an officious lecher.

Mr Kray – fat and mean.

Mr Leech – an oily, smooth-talking womaniser.

Meter maid – hip and bored with it all.

Howard – bad taste incarnate, who thinks he’s hip.

James – always smiling, would say or do anything to make a sale.

Bobby – an obsessive case of arrested adolescence.

Junior – a rotund gourmand.

Yolanda – a former star of a certain age. Heavy Latino accent.

Ginger – built like a rugby player but dresses like Ginger Rogers – and can dance like her too.

Plus - Tourists, Swingers, Stick-up man, etc