CADOS Present:

Steel Magnolias AUDITION

Audition: Sunday 9th November, 2.30pm (Registration from 2pm)

Performance dates: Monday 23rd - Saturday 28th February 2015, 7.30pm



The action centres on Truvy's beauty parlour and the women who regularly gather there. The story begins on the morning of Shelby's wedding to Jackson and covers events over the next three years, including Shelby's decision to have a child despite having Type 1 diabetes and the complications that result from the decision. There is also a glimpse of the unlikely friendship between Clairee and Ouiser; Annelle's transformation from a shy, anxious newcomer in town to a good-time girl and then to a revival-tent Christian; and Truvy's relationships with the men in her family. Although the main storyline involves Shelby, her mother M'Lynn, and Shelby's medical battles, the underlying group-friendship among all six women is prominent throughout.

*A deep southern American accent is essential for all characters*

Truvy: (35 - 55yrs) owner of a small town beauty shop. She knows everyone’s business and shares it with anyone who will listen. Southern Belle. She always has advice for you, and they often come in the form of country sayings.

Annelle: (20 - 35yrs) very shy hair-dresser. She goes from a very soft-spoken person to a bible-loving Christian with her heart on her sleeve.

Clairee: (50 – 70yrs) widow of the former mayor of Chinquapin. She is wealthy and also knows everyone’s business. She is the sarcastic member of the group. She loves to laugh and poke fun at the little things that others cry over. She is very close with Ouiser.

Shelby: (20 – 35yrs) diabetic young lady. Prettiest girl in town, and loved by all. She has a weird relationship with her mother, and often rebels just for the sake of rebellion.

M’Lynn: (35 – 55yrs) mother of Shelby. She is over-protective at times and finds the need to have a firm grasp on the world at all times. She is a busy woman who worries too much for her age.

Ouiser (pronounced Weezer): (50 – 70yrs) she is a wealthy old bitty. She is a loveably miserable lady, though. Her unique personality and sense of humour is a great relief in the serious scenes. She is very close to Clairee.

Radio DJ: Male, any age, vocal recordings only. “Fatuous and self-possessed”. Not required for performances as all pre-recorded in advance.

All ages are approximate.

Please bring any dates of holidays booked to the audition. You must be available for all show dates and the two weeks prior to the show to be considered for a part.

Books down 4 weeks before opening night- 25/01/15.

For further information contact Rebecca Dickinson (Director) on 07521 977707 or 01257 230296. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.