CADOS Present:

The Elves And The Shoemaker AUDITION

Main Cast Audition: Sunday 14th September - 11am

Dance/Chorus Audition: Sunday 21st September - 11am

Performance dates: Friday 12th - Saturday 20th December 2014

Written & Directed by PAUL CARR

Main Cast Auditions

Auditions will take place in two stages – main cast auditions will be held on Sunday 14th September from 11am onwards. These will take the form of audition readings from an excerpt of script, reading against the production team and/or other auditionees. Please take note of the age ranges of the characters and their genders! You do not necessarily have to fall within the playing ages (for example a 17 year old could pass as 18) but if you do not look as if you might be within those ranges then you are not going to get the part!

Singing auditions

Some of the characters below are identified as requiring a singing audition – these parts have got musical numbers in the show and can only be given to people who we know can carry a solo musical number. The characters marked as ‘Not essential’ may have musical numbers in the show depending on who has been cast, but could get away without if someone auditions who is not a great singer but has all the other qualities we are looking for. Anyone auditioning for one of these ‘Not essential’ roles may have a singing audition if they would like their character to be included in musical numbers.

People having singing auditions should bring a song of their choice with a backing track to sing to. Please do NOT bring an original artist track with vocals as we want to hear YOU and not them! If you do not have any backing tracks then you can find them at or amongst other sites such as amazon or iTunes. You should bring the backing track in MP3 format on a CD or USB drive, or loaded on an MP3 player (that has been charged!)

Chorus Auditions

The chorus is in essence a dance chorus, though the junior chorus also need to be good actors as they play the remainder of the Elves alongside Flip and Flop. Auditions for the chorus will be a week later on Sunday 21st September from 11am. These will consist of dance auditions choreographed on the day, and small reading auditions in pairs for anyone auditioning for junior chorus. Singing auditions are not necessary for the chorus roles, but if you would like to prepare a singing audition for us then you are welcome to do so and this may influence our decision in the event of a large number of auditionees. Anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult who is able to stay for the duration of the audition, which will potentially last for a number of hours.




If you have any questions about auditions then please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send me a message through Facebook, or come and ask me directly if you are down for Talking Heads.

We hope that we see you there (oh yes we do!)


FAIRY CONVERSE (F) The good fairy and Prada’s (probably younger) sister – lots of audience interaction and a good scope for playing in a variety of different styles from smart and streetwise, traditional ‘good fairy’, or a bit bumbling or clumsy to suit the character of the actress. AGE 18+ Singing Audition? Not essential (but highly preferred!)

RALPH (M/F) The lead male character in the show – but could either be a male or a female playing as a principal boy. The young shoemaker who has become a victim of his own success and struggling to keep up with his rent. Has a secret crush on Anna. AGE 18-35 Singing Audition? Yes

BARON (M) Ralph’s landlord – not inherently evil but driven by money and will ruthlessly kick Ralph out onto the street if he is unable to pay up. AGE 25+ Singing Audition? No

ANNA (F) Ralph’s assistant in the shop and leading female role. Very loyal to Ralph and insists that he keep going against the odds. Needs to be convincingly similar age to both the Prince and Ralph. Preferably a trained (or very competent) dancer who can dance a number of different styles to a reasonably high standard, and a good singing voice preferred. AGE 18-35 Singing Audition? Yes

DAME GUCCI (M) A typical pantomime dame – she is the Old Woman who lives in a show and has so many children (the Elves) that she doesn’t know what to do. Lots of comedy business and needs a good on stage presence. Singing required but need not be terrifically in-tune if necessary! AGE 45+ Singing Audition? Yes

FLIP AND FLOP (M/F) Comedy duo – the eldest of the Elves and carry the majority of the comical and slapstick elements of the show. Must work well together and be able to ‘bounce’ off each other with good audience interaction and over-the-top characterisation. AGE 20-40 Singing Audition? Not essential

PRADA (F) The evil witch who has been stripped of her powers and is out for revenge. Fairy Converse’s (probably older) sister. AGE 25+ Singing Audition? Yes

PRINCE BRANTANO (M) Traditional pantomime prince. Well spoken, slightly conceited and falls for Anna – therefore needs to be convincingly similar age to both Anna and Ralph. AGE 18-35 Singing Audition? Not essential

PRINCE'S AIDE (M/F) Either a Chamberlain character or a Dandini best friend type (will be re-written – and named - to suit based on actor cast) Could be male or female. AGE Any. Singing Audition? No


THE ELVES (M/F) Junior chorus x 6 – a range of ages from 7 upwards. Good dance ability required as well as projection, stage presence and personality. Singing ability also highly preferred. Take part in a number of production numbers as well as small speaking parts during Elf scenes. AGE 7-18+ Singing Audition? No

TOWNSFOLK (M/F) Older chorus x 6 – need to pass as adults in the village and ballroom scenes. Essentially a dance chorus so a good ability across a range of styles of dance required. Singing ability ideal but not essential, though will be background vocalists in some musical numbers. AGE 14+ Singing Audition? No