‘Chatroom’ and ‘Disco Pigs’

By Enda Walsh

Directed by Robert Walsh; Produced by Mark Jones

Production Dates – Thursday 13th November to Saturday 15th November at Southlands High School

Audition Notice

The audition will take place at Chorley Little Theatre on Sunday 29th June, starting at 2:00pm. The production itself will be performed at ‘Southlands High School, Chorley’ on the above dates. This is our first venture away from Chorley Little Theatre and therefore will be an exciting opportunity for the theatre to perform in the local community at Southlands.

Both plays are brilliantly written one act plays by Northern Irish playwright Enda Walsh (no relation). Stylistically they are completely different. ‘Chatroom’ is essentially six actors sat on chairs facing the audience for the majority of the play, with beautifully written dialogue that is both hilarious and disturbing. It tells the story of six insecure, troubled yet mostly innocent teenagers who let the mask of online discussion push a deeply damaged boy into potentially killing himself.

In contrast, ‘Disco Pigs' is a heavily stylised and obscure play which follows a dangerously intense relationship between two childhood best friends. It is dark, funny and highly emotional with unique and challenging dialogue.

What links the plays together, as well as the writer, is that they are both about troubled teenagers. Both plays are extremely unique and brilliant in their own way yet have a similar emotional core. They are highly intense and emotionally challenging that demand great young actors to get their teeth stuck into them!

Rehearsals will take place at Chorley Little Theatre in the bar/rehearsal room to mimic the size of the intimate performance space at Southlands. Initial character building workshops will take place twice a week in July, with potential filming for the ‘Chatroom’ cast to also take place at that time. No rehearsals in August (as the stupid director won’t be in the country) with full rehearsals starting in September till show time.

Please note that the characters in Chatroom are 15 and the characters in Disco Pigs are 17. However when I performed these plays the actors were aged from 15-22, so as long as you look around those ages come and audition!

The Roles


Jim (M) – Jim is very much the emotional centre of the play. Abandoned and abused by his family and with no close emotional bonds to lean on, he is very open about his emotions online. A very demanding part which requires an actor with vast emotional depth.

William (M) – Extremely intelligent, manipulative and calculating, William is a twisted person who clear enjoys pushing and controlling the emotions of Jim. He is also very funny in a dark way. Again, this part needs a skilled actor with great comic timing and the ability to be hated yet not a villain.

Eva (F) – Eva is as manipulative as William but her intentions aren’t quite as calculating, she’s just a bit mental. A bizarre, disturbing yet hilarious part that demands an actress with a strong emotional range and great comic timing.

Laura (F) – Laura is initially a difficult character to read, a vacant and direct character who later in the play becomes an emotional rock for Jim. Needs an actress with strong emotional depth.

Emily (F) – initially, Emily comes across as ditsy and flat in comparison to the other characters. However she is troubled with anorexia and has some of the funniest dialogue in the play. A skilled comic actress with good emotional depth is needed.

Jack (M) – Jack is very much the middle man of the play. He is sarcastic and witty whilst also having clear moral standards and eventually attempts to take action against William and Eva. Needs a solid actor with good comic timing.


Disco Pigs

Pig (M) – Pig, real name Darren, is a deeply disturbing character. He has a clear love for runt that isn’t returned by Runt, which eventually drives him into a frustrated rage. A very demanding role that needs a highly talented actor with vast emotional depth.

Runt (F) – Runt, real name Sinéad, is a more level headed character than Pig but still a complex one. She is just starting to become more sexually aware of herself and slowly finds the intense nature of her friendship with pig too much. Needs a highly skilled actress.

No preparation is needed for the audition, just turn up and give it your best! For more information, contact Robert Walsh on the following

E-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile – 07969 164210