Audition - 3pm, Sunday 1st December


‘Breaking the Code’
By Hugh Whitemore
Directed by Mark Jones; Produced by Ian Ormonroyd

Production Dates - Monday 24 February - Saturday 1 March 2014

The play tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician, who devised the means of cracking the German Enigma code which helped win World War II. He also “broke the code” by being unapologetically homosexual at a time when homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain. He is now recognised as being one of the founding fathers of the digital age. The play tells the story of his life and his battle against the norm. The play switches between various years from 1929 to 1954.

The Rehearsals - Wednesdays (7.30-10pm), Fridays (7.30-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.

The production will be directed by CADOS’s Head of Artistic, Mark Jones. This will be Mark’s 9th production at Chorley Little Theatre, following on from ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’.

Please note the age ranges for the part are strict! There is no preparation required pre-audition – just turn up! Audition pieces will be handed out on the day.

Alan Turing (M): (age 35-55) – the key role, appears throughout the play – never leaving the stage. Plays Turing from 17 to 41; will require someone with exceptional acting ability and with the experience of having played large dramatic roles.

Ross (M): (age 25-40) – the detective sergeant who starts by investigating the burglary at Turing’s house and finishes by uncovering Turing’s homosexuality. Requires actor with experience of playing dramatic roles.

Morcom (M): (age 17-20) Turing’s childhood school friend. Appears in only one scene but has a key influence on Turing’s life. No previous acting experience required for this role.

Sara Turing (F): (age 35-50) – The fiercely loyal yet nagging mother of Alan Turing, who is the only one who refuses to believe his homosexuality or his alleged suicide. This part calls for someone to ‘age up’ playing Mrs Turing from 40ish to 70ish. Requires actress with experience of playing dramatic roles.

Ron (M): (age 20-30) – Turing’s lover, Ron is a young mancunian, on the make, plays a key role in telling the police of their relationship.

Dilly Knox (M): (age 55-70) – The Chief Cryptographer at Bletchley Park, Turing’s mentor. Dilly protects Alan, by advising him to be cautious about his behaviour and how it would be viewed by the government. Requires an actor with presence and gravitas.

Pat Green (F): (age 25-45) – One of the Cryptographers at Bletchley Park who welcomes Alan to Bletchley Park and ends up working as his assistant. Despite knowing of his homosexuality she falls in love with Alan.

Queries/More details available from Mark Jones - Mobile 07877 111 248 or email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.