Please note timings have changed from previous postings, and what's in some newspapers

CADOS Present:


Audition: Sunday 15th September:
Dancers 10am - Noon

Actors Noon - 2pm

Director: Ian Robinson (CADOS Chairman, Director of “Robin Hood” Panto)

Assistant Director: Rebecca Dickinson (Choreographer on “Sleeping Beauty” “Robin Hood” “Santa Panto”)

Choreographers: Hannah Liddle & Libby Burke (Choreographers on CADOS shows, worked on YT shows)

Musical Director: Paul Carr (Musical Director for “Robin Hood”, Writer/Director of “Santa The Panto”

Dancers 10am – Noon
It is hoped junior dancers will be able to double up as Dwarves, so this includes acting auditions. Dwarves only appear in second half and only have one big dialogue scene. Minimum age 8 years old.

Actors – Noon – 2pm

Please note that all lead characters (apart from Dwarves) are for actors aged over 16. Decisions on sex of performers may depend on who auditions. Please bring a backing track for a song of your choice

Performances: 7.30pm - 13th - 21st December, (not Sunday 15th or Monday 16th)

2.30pm - 14th, 15th, 21st December

Traditional panto full of jokes and slapstick. Good comic timing is required and an ability to improvise (even if just in rehearsal) is helpful but not essential. Singing and dancing is needed for all main parts. Rehearsals will be Mon/Weds/Fri/Sun from end of October, with readthroughs/workshops on Mondays (and days tbc) through Sept/Oct. Dancing will be Tuesdays and days tbc

Snow White F Teenage girl, the heroine of our story. Strong-willed, she loves her father but is hated by her stepmother for being very lovely

Dame Flagella M The Dame! She runs the royal household

Hodgit M/F Oddjob person around the castle. Half of the slapstick comedy duo

Bodgit M/F Other half of the slapstick comedy duo

Queen Slytherina F Snow White’s wicked stepmother. Must get everyone booing and be able to banter with the audience

The Mirror M/F Mainly in scenes with the Queen but needs good comic timing and physicality. A sarcastic, world-weary presence.

Prince Kevin M/F The Prince traveling abroad on his gap year

Consort Arnold M/F The Prince’s travelling companion

Chamberlain M The King’s right-hand man and castle boss. Shares comic scenes with Dame

Sheryl F The Chamberlain’s obedient and efficient assistant. Very on-the-ball and attentive to what's going on.

King Copernicus M Snow White’s father, often in a daydream and absent-minded. Not a big role, but needs to show some presence in the second half. No singing.

Jester M The court jester, loons about on stage so needs good physical presence

Frank M The dim, human-size dwarf

Dwarfs M & F Six dwarves, require comic timing and banter

Any questions – contact Ian Robinson on 0798 479 4163 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.