The Hound of the Baskervilles

Written & Directed by Mark Jones
Produced by Rebecca Dickinson


Auditions on Sunday 3rd March 2013– at 12pm, at Chorley Little Theatre

The Performances 
Mon 17-Sat 22 June 2013 (inclusive) – at Chorley Little Theatre


The Rehearsals

Mondays (7.30-10pm), Fridays (7.30-10pm) and Sundays (12-4pm) – full rehearsal schedule will be issued once the play has been cast.


The Play

Based on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, my version of ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ is set in modern day – in June 2013. The play follows the main plot line of the original novel but has a modern twist. Opening at the end of their last adventure, Sherlock is angry with John Watson who has announced that he is to be married and therefore will no longer be able to partner him on future adventures. Sherlock descends into a drug fuelled existence until his next client – Dr Mortimer - enters 221B Baker Street. Mortimer informs Holmes about the recent death of Charles Baskerville who died at the hands of a ‘gigantic’ hound. Mortimer insists a supernatural cause for the death. Sherlock dismisses this and insists that it will be a natural cause. Mortimer will escort Henry Baskerville, the heir to Baskerville Hall, back to his new home. Mortimer served with Watson in the gulf. Sherlock uses their friendship to entice Watson onto this new case. In taking the case Sherlock dispatches Watson to look after Henry on his journey to Baskerville Hall.

At the house, we meet the Barrymores and the Stapletons; and Watson is confronted with strange supernatural ‘goings-on’. Sherlock appears at the house and after initial investigations insists on going out onto the moor to find the hound.... which he does .... and suffers a temporary mental breakdown on seeing the ‘gigantic’ hound! His very existence is challenged as he faces the prospect of having to accept that the supernatural may be at play. Slowly he recovers his determination to disprove the supernatural notion. In true Sherlock style he wraps up the case with the conclusion that it is not a ‘Hound’, but greed and money which are gigantic! At the end he returns to 221B, makes his peace with Watson by giving his blessing to his future wedding, but then returns to a drug fuelled state which reveals the figure of Professor James Moriarty, who has haunted him throughout the case. This is a play about beliefs being challenged. A question of the supernatural versus the natural; about love and loss; about the challenge of the norm and most of all about what is real and what is imaginary. Elementary!!


The Director

This will be my 8th production for CADOS, following on from Memory of Water, Oliver Twist (both 2011) Blood Brothers (2010), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007), Amadeus, Half a Sixpence (both 2005) and Great Expectations (2004).


The Auditions - Interested?

There is no preparation to do before the audition – audition pieces will be handed out on the day.


The Roles

‘There are no small parts; only small actors’ as the saying goes! Most of the roles (apart from Holmes and Watson) are small in terms of time on stage but are key! In this play, character is everything! So even though a role might be only in one or two scenes it is essential that they are good actors who can build a role with the director. Small role, but a great opportunity.....

Character Gender Age Range Detail of character

Mrs Hudson F 50-70

In 3 key scenes at 221b Baker Street - a key character who is probably the only one who takes on Sherlock successfully.

Dr Mortimer M 30ish

Mortimer is in 5 key scenes, it is him who first tells Sherlock about the legend that is the curse of the Baskervilles.

Sir Henry Baskerville M 30ish

A key role, Henry is heir to the Baskerville fortune and provides the link through the play.

Mr Barrymore M 50 something

Caretaker of Baskerville Hall. He has a hidden secret. Strong character.

Mrs Barrymore F 50 something

Housekeeper of Baskerville Hall. Has a secret about her brother in a key scene.

Jack Stapleton M 30 something

The Villain – a key role; quirky character.

Beryl Stapleton F 30 something

Lead female role; key character.

Inspector Lestrade F 30 something

Appears in in Act Four only – Inspector who helps Sherlock solve the case.

Laura Lyons F 20-40

One scene only – but key and an opportunity to build a memorable character.


If anyone has any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact me - 07877111248 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mark Jones