Audition Notice

An Evening With Gary Lineker

Monday 18th - Saturday 23rd June (7.30pm)

By Arthur Smith & Chris England
Directed By Sean Duxbury

This comedy tells the tale of a group of holiday makers in Spain trying to enjoy their holiday, romances and affairs against the backdrop of the 1990 World Cup. It focuses on one match in particular – the semi-final between England and Germany and the group who have assembled in the hotel room to watch it. As the drama develops on the pitch, more develops off the pitch as the various couples slowly reveal the truth about their relationships all the way through to the penalty shoot out.


Monica – Age - late 20’s – late 30’s

The long suffering wife of Bill.

Bill - Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Football obsessed – he lives his life for the next match and nothing is more important than at this moment in time but England vs Germany

Ian - Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Bill’s ex-work colleague.  He does not understand how anyone can be so passionate about a game as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his job.

Birgitta - Age – early late 20’s

The local German holiday rep.  This is her last summer as a single girl.  No German accent required – her accent should be quite neutral.

Dan – Age - late 20’s – early 40’s

Best selling travel author and basically a ‘lad’.


The audition will be held at the theatre on Sunday 22 April at 2:30.

Unfortunately audition pieces will not be available until the audition,   but actors will be given an opportunity to study the pieces before being asked to read.

For any further information please contact Sean on 07976 111209 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.